Universal - Feb 8 2024

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Clues Answers
"'___ the season ..." TIS
"Already heard about that" IKNOW
"In my opinion, we shouldn't" ISAYNO
"Thunderstruck" band ACDC
"Umbrella" singer, to fans RIRI
"What happened next ..." THEN
"Yeow!" OUCH
"You played well" GOODGAME
18-wheelers SEMIS
A Great Lake ERIE
Africa's longest river NILE
Alpine melodies YODELS
Apiece EACH
Attempted to make a basket SHOT
Bring together UNITE
Carpentry tool with an apt first letter CLAMP
Cereal grain OAT
Chicken from Alabama, Mississippi, etc.? SOUTHPOULTRY
Choose OPT
Comets' paths ARCS
Common hairstyle for a bridesmaid UPDO
Courtyard PATIO
Covert ___ OPS
Dance legend Goodman LEN
Defunct Swedish automaker SAAB
Dells and Lenovos PCS
Give off EMIT
Grammy winner India.___ ARIE
Hailey Bieber, ___ Baldwin NEE
Hay bundle maker BALER
Heat coach Spoelstra ERIK
Helmed LED
Innies and outies NAVELS
Insects in cocoons PUPAE
Its first item sold was a broken laser pointer EBAY
Jewish wedding dance HORA
Keen political strategist, say TACTICIAN
Clues Answers
Like chai SPICED
Like champagne in a bucket ONICE
Mario ___ (racing game) KART
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, e.g TWINS
Mo. of Indigenous Peoples' Day OCT
Mufasa or Simba LION
Nibble (on) GNAW
Obi-Wan Kenobi portrayer Guinness ALEC
Org. defending the Bill of Rights ACLU
Paper factory MILL
Part of a tot's bedtime routine BATH
Planet's path ORBIT
Process, as ore SMELT
Resorts with hot springs SPAS
Runner's speed PACE
Scratches (out) EKES
Scratching out a living ... and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's theme MAKINGENDSMEET
Seis + dos OCHO
Sicilian lava producer ETNA
Skate effortlessly GLIDE
Sleeveless undergarment, briefly CAMI
Song sung in December CAROL
Swedish furniture giant IKEA
Thanksgiving vessel GRAVYBOAT
The id, superego and ego, to Freud PSYCHE
They see things EYES
Type of artist or game CON
Type of ballot ABSENTEE
What a clock keeps TIME
What AAA can provide TOW
Where pork producers live? CITYBYTHEBACON
Where the Dolphins play MIAMI
Where to start a tab BAR
Whiny kid's plea to a certain parent BUTMOM
Words of affection for albacore? ILOVEYOUTUNA
___ It! (party game) BOP