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Clues Answers
"And that's that" THEEND
"Blade" star Wesley SNIPES
"Ciao!" TATA
"Dame" Everage EDNA
"Help us!" SOS
"It's — vu all over again" DEJA
"My treat" ONME
"NCIS" network CBS
"Norma —" RAE
"O Fortuna" composer Carl ORFF
"OK, but still ..." EVENSO
"Piano Man" singer Billy JOEL
"So nasty!" EEEW
"The Raven" maiden LENORE
"The Simpsons" bartender MOE
"Why should — you?" ILET
"— a jealous mistress" ARTIS
2020 drama thriller film THESECRETSWEKEEP
Abated EBBED
Actress Suzanne SOMERS
Ad awards CLIOS
Admin. aide ASST
Aided in evil ABETTED
Architect Saarinen EERO
Audibly ALOUD
Beige TAN
Boxing event BOUT
Boxing wallops KOS
Brewski container BEERCAN
Cain's victim ABEL
Carried, as a load BORNE
Case for ova EGGSAC
Cat breed SIAMESE
Cat food brand SHEBA
Cathode-ray picture producer TVTUBE
Cato's "to be" ESSE
Cato's 1,101 MCI
Cel figure TOON
Cleric's home MANSE
Concept, in Calais IDEE
Concur AGREE
Congress' Alexandria Ocasio- — CORTEZ
Cuba's largest city HAVANA
Dark, gloomy rock genre GOTH
Disaster relief gp FEMA
Done just a single time ONEOFF
El —, Texas PASO
Epoch of the first whales EOCENE
Face cover MASK
Fare- — -well THEE
Fast, sporty auto GTCAR
Fastener fitting into a nut SCREW
Feline cries MEOWS
Feudal peon SERF
Film director Lubitsch and physicist Mach ERNSTS
Fix text EDIT
Futuristic sci-fi play of 1921 RUR
Get it wrong ERR
Gloomy — GUS
Golf coups ACES
Greek "S" SIGMA
Has the gumption DARES
Helper in the Himalayas SHERPA
Hence ERGO
In the thick of AMID
Insufficient SCANT
Involuntary leg reactions KNEEJERKREFLEXES
Italy's capital ROME
Clues Answers
Jennifer of "The Switch" ANISTON
Jennifer of "Zero Dark Thirty" EHLE
Lace into HAVEAT
Level just below major league TRIPLEA
Lint catchers SCREENS
Liver spread PATE
Loads ATON
Lobed body parts EARS
Lock partner KEY
Long-unshaven HAIRY
Longer-than-normal prison term EXTENDEDSENTENCE
Lucidness CLARITY
Lunchtimes, often NOONS
Many a "Hee Haw" character RUBE
Memphis-to-Atlanta dir ESE
Mission —, California VIEJO
Monopoly expense RENT
Mortgage claim LIEN
No. on a road sign RTE
Nominal military promotion BREVET
Note that recommends a job applicant, e.g REFERENCELETTER
Old Iranian ruler SHAH
Oom- — (tuba sounds) PAHS
Opposite of south, in France NORD
Oregano, e.g HERB
Pack-toting equines ASSES
Perceive SENSE
Pests like rats and roaches VERMIN
Pigsty stuff MUD
Plagued (by) BESET
Plow beasts OXEN
Poshness LUXE
Prior to, in odes ERE
Proposed for consideration OFFERED
Purpose USE
Red Cross founder Clara BARTON
Region AREA
Relative of a tank top SLEEVELESSTEE
Riga native, old-style LETT
Rile IRK
Rocket downer, for short ABM
Samantha Bee's station TBS
See 89-Down TEN
Signified MEANT
Singer McEntire REBA
Single-named supermodel EMME
Solicit ASKFOR
Some arm muscles, informally BIS
Spill the beans BLAB
Spirited horses STEEDS
Stag's mate DOE
Stimulate URGE
Stimulate ROUSE
Stitches up SEWS
Sword type EPEE
Telly watcher BRIT
That girl's HERS
Treated badly ABUSED
University of Oregon's city EUGENE
Utilize a Juul device, e.g VAPE
Utters SAYS
What "have solved" is in, in terms of grammar PRESENTPERFECTTENSE
Wipes clean ERASES
With 118-Down, do a surfing stunt HANG
Wood-dressing tools ADZES
WWW address URL
Yoko of the avant-garde ONO
— Good Feelings ERAOF
— Lingus AER
— nous (in confidence) ENTRE
— yung (Chinese dish) FOO