Family Time - Feb 4 2024

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Clues Answers
"In ___-horse open sleigh" (2 words) AONE
"My drink got warm" fixer ICE
"Star ___" (TV series) TREK
"Without further ___ ..." ADO
A stingy little thing? BEE
Adam's beloved EVE
Another stingy little thing? WASP
Award stars to RATE
Back muscle, in the gym LAT
Be a chair person? SIT
Brandish WIELD
Bread that's Agatha Christie's pocketful? RYE
Breakfast dining area NOOK
Brick mortar container HOD
Carpet type (3 words) WALLTOWALL
Con man's cunning con SCAM
Contraption GADGET
Dainty umbrella relative PARASOL
Deer running backwards? REED
Dirt + water MUD
Face-saving lotion ingredient ALOE
Fall (slowly) through the cracks OOZE
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
Final chess match stage ENDGAME
Finished DONE
Giggly when touched TICKLISH
Green tree-hugger? MOSS
Gulp? Not even close SIP
Have after paying for OWN
Horse holders STALLS
Clues Answers
Instant millionaire-maker LOTTO
It has salty waves SEA
Job for a plumber CLOG
Jockey's seat SADDLE
Lamb's mom EWE
Leave one's seat ARISE
Legendary Bruce with the chops and kicks LEE
Many land sales? LOTS
Musical term meaning "silence" TACET
My mom or your mom SHE
New York pro baseballer MET
One in charge of a game show EMCEE
Polygraph failer LIAR
Put at risk IMPERIL
React to an alarm clock AWAKEN
Reindeer feature ANTLER
Reverse, as a mistake UNDO
Room calculation AREA
Shore up or support BOLSTER
Sign for the superstitious OMEN
Single ONE
Sound effect in a cave ECHO
Sound from a cannon BOOM
Speedway event RACE
Swiss peak ALP
Take a nap DOZE
Track competition MEET
Uninhabited area with trees WILDERNESS
Wall-climbing plant IVY
WWII water vessels UBOATS