The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 408

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Clues Answers
“I am surprised with an ____ fear” (Titus Andronicus) UNCOUTH
“The children were ____ all snug in their beds” (The Night Before Christmas) NESTLED
“You’ll make a mutiny among my guests, / You will set ____! You’ll be the man!” (Romeo and Juliet) cock-a-hoop
1928 Charlie Chaplin film in which he plays an unintentionally funny clown The Circus
A potentially dangerous kind of antidote counterpoison
A song or other work expressing praise PAEAN
A withdrawal symptom of alcoholism delirium tremens
Actor who played Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andre Braugher
Advanced hearing aid invented in 1957 cochlear implant
Alien in a US sitcom seen on ITV 1987-89, also called Gordon Shumway ALF
Aquatic plant which gives its name to an asana in yoga LOTUS
Audi slogan used in a slightly amended form in the Blur song Parklife Vorsprung Durch Technik
Author of Western novels including Shalako Louis L'Amour
Before birth in utero
Card game with Wellington or Blücher as the highest bid NAP
Coniferous tree resin used in varnishes gum sandarac
Device used to strengthen muscles EXERCISER
Egg-shaped OVOIDAL
Genus which includes pinks and sweet william DIANTHUS
Graham Greene adapted his short story The Basement Room to produce the screen play for the 1948 film The ____ Fallen Idol
Heroine of The Old Curiosity Shop little nell
Humza Yousaf is leader of the ____ Scottish National Party
Lazy Bones, developed in 1950, was the first ____ for television remote control
Clues Answers
National Park including the USA’s lowest point at Badwater Basin Death Valley
Nevada location of F1 Grand Prix races in 1981 and 1982 Caesars Palace
Oh ____ was the title of tennis commentator Dan Maskell’s autobiography i say
Old light source with a type of grass used as a wick rush candle
One of five events in a 1990s comedy film nominated for the best picture Oscar FUNERAL
One type of contract in bridge no-trump
Plant commonly called African daisy GERBERA
Political exiles or refugees EMIGRES
Popular cartoon character, as called by nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie Unca Donald
Real-life footballer signed by Melchester Rovers in the Roy of the Rovers comic strip Emlyn Hughes
Short item of attire originally worn by cheerleaders ra-ra skirt
South Africa’s Drakensberg mountain range is on the eastern edge of the Central ____ PLATEAU
Spanish port attacked twice by Francis Drake VIGO
The cross of ____ appears on the flags of Genoa and Barcelona st george
The name of the main location in this book series is based on that of a hill town in Umbria The Chronicles of Narnia
The world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles HONDA
Things being what they are under the circumstances
To no longer have to tolerate something is to be ____ it rid of
Tralee is the county town of ____ KERRY
US informal term for new recruits TENDERFEET
____ and Nabucco are the well-known operas with prisoners’ choruses FIDELIO
____ Dei means Lamb of God AGNUS
____ minerals are those containing gold auriferous