The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,516 - Jan 22 2024

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Clues Answers
Absurd request -- go bananas GROTESQUE
Angry at being collared by bore when heading off IRATE
Artist from northern state ERNST
Band her co-star confused ORCHESTRA
Capture bear TAKE
Cycled round giving exhibition of riding skills RODEO
Drink starts to take effect afterwards TEA
Energetic Indian state chief GOAHEAD
Famous 'dame' -- part of assumed name EDNA
Gradually, story spread PIECEMEAL
Healthy food, extremely dry? Takes photographs of these biscuits BRANDYSNAPS
Hopelessness of the French couple DESPAIR
I start to support a married friend AMIGO
Leader of little darlings working as farm labourers? LANDGIRLS
Love the lines, last from hero in play OTHELLO
Male teacher is up on top of roof SIR
Clues Answers
Newspaper proprietor bringing daughter in for a drink SUNDOWNER
Notice the old man in study, poker-faced DEADPAN
Point behind article regarding appetiser ANTIPASTO
Publication for children ISSUE
Relaxed and uncomplicated departure EASYGOING
Ring road and what may be said about small section? ORBITAL
Soon favourites must return for a light-hearted dance QUICKSTEP
Still short odds EVENS
Sweetheart gets unsettled about ending in feature film BEAUGESTE
Thug's initial motive for serious crime TREASON
Try to see House of Lords' member PEER
Undesirable to expose actors OUTCAST
Usually at sea? INTHEMAIN
Wading bird, black, is seen on island IBIS
Went round in a mini? SKIRTED
Where an ostler was taught his trade? COACHINGINN