L.A. Times Daily - Jan 13 2024

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Clues Answers
"... against __ of troubles": Hamlet ASEA
"Dungeons & Dragons" creature ORC
"Heh, not really" IKID
"How about that!" GOSH
"La fanciulla del __": Puccini opera WEST
"Ooh, I'm so-o-o impressed" WELLLADIDA
"Pure goodness" mandarin oranges brand HALOS
Aerospace company based in Sweden SAAB
Angels Landing's national park ZION
Ax in a concert hall EMANUEL
Bet (on) STAKED
Blood group? CLAN
Bluster RANT
Choose a running mate? ELOPE
Close-range shot TIPIN
Correct EMEND
Course standards PARS
Course with gates SLALOM
Cows and sows SHES
Crunchy side SLAW
Defeats handily OWNS
Disney villain played by Glenn CRUELLA
Don't just stand there ROAM
Drink made with a spice mixture called karha MASALACHAI
Duck, perhaps GAMEBIRD
Duke's conf ACC
Erase WIPE
Finds players for CASTS
Finishing LAST
First name in country music REBA
Former "SportsCenter" anchor Patrick DAN
Get rid of LOSE
God who helps the Trojans in the "Iliad" ARES
Goes (for) OPTS
Clues Answers
Grammy-winning Santana song co-written by Wyclef Jean MARIAMARIA
Handout to the hungry MENU
Hebrew Bible: Var TANACH
Hotel bar SOAP
In a glass by itself NEAT
In the __ of MIDST
Individual account? CENSUS
Just for appearances SHAM
Kerry Washington role OLIVIAPOPE
Lo-cal LITE
Long-necked instrument SITAR
Many an oil-rich ruler EMIR
Mysterious sign OMEN
Namesake of a famous alum, perhaps DORM
Page by phone? FAX
Part of GTO GRAN
Peaked WAN
Piece of rustic decor CART
Prepared SET
Some biotech products GMOS
Sonny LAD
Souvenirs from beach walks SANDALTANS
Stand in church PULPIT
Stow away STASH
Subjects that may be studied for life EXOPLANETS
Symbol of Wales LEEK
Table cloth? NAPKIN
Tag word SMALL
Taylor Swift hit with the lyric "You put me on and said I was your favorite" CARDIGAN
Transit convenience BUSMAP
Vehicle that really moves? VAN
Warhol, Johns, et al POPARTISTS
Whole alternative ONEPERCENT