Wall Street Journal - Mar 18 2011 - March 18, 2011 - Pimp My Ride

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Clues Answers
'...had ____ and couldn't keep her' AWIFE
'...___ big man' ('Daniel Boone' theme line) YESA
'Black ___' (historic 1961 book) LIKEME
'I Remember It Well' musical GIGI
'Laughing Cavalier' painter HALS
'Rights of Man' writer PAINE
'The Biggest Little City in the World' RENO
'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' author Larsson STIEG
'The Gold-Bug' writer POE
'The Silence of the Lambs' director DEMME
'The Time Machine' people ELOI
'Yours' alternative ASEVER
...for a 12-time Olympic swimming medalist? FORDTORRES
...for a Fox News personality? BUICKRIVERA
...for a legendary record producer? KIASPECTOR
...for a Republican National Committee chairman? TOYOTAPRIEBUS
...for a sci-fi/fantasy/comic book author? PORSCHEGAIMAN
...for an American Impressionist? VOLKSWAGENCASSATT
...for an early 20th-century British novelist? SUBARUFORSTER
...for an Emmy-winning voice actor? HYUNDAIAZARIA
1987 Genesis hit INTOODEEP
1988 Tracy Chapman hit FASTCAR
Angsty genre EMO
Arabian Peninsula nation OMAN
Arlene of 'Three Little Words' DAHL
Aspersion SLUR
Assns. GRPS
Auto introduced in 1903 MODELA
Barbershop band STROP
Barrett and Hoff SYDS
Be down in the dumps MOPE
Beekeeper of film ULEE
Brings up REARS
British band Mott the ___ HOOPLE
Burlesque accessories BOAS
Calif.'s second-busiest airport SFO
CD feature RATE
Checkout scanner part LASER
City roughly 100 miles west of Tulsa ENID
Coconut confections MACAROONS
Conductor Klemperer OTTO
Cornerstone abbr. ESTD
Corporate makeover, for short REORG
Cowl wearer MONK
Crazy as ___ ALOON
Despised HATED
Diligent doings EFFORTS
Edward Cullen's adoptive mother in 'Twilight' ESME
Eight-time Gold Glove fielder Jim EDMONDS
Ethnic group known for its caravans ROMANI
Evidence of debt IOUS
Filmmaker Riefenstahl LENI
First place EDEN
Flips (through) LEAFS
Forest youngster FAWN
French bean? TETE
Get on board? SURF
Giant nicknamed 'Master Melvin' OTT
Harlem Renaissance writer Claude MCKAY
Haunted house sound MOAN
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Hit the slopes SKI
Housewarming setting NEWDIGS
In the know, daddy-o HEP
Invites ASKS
Izmir resident TURK
Job for a plumber DRIP
Clues Answers
Lab-assisted, with 'in' VITRO
Lid swellings STYES
Lifted STOLE
Listings at 82-Across ARRS
Livens (up) PEPS
Longtime 'ER' slot TENPM
Malory's 'Le ___ d'Arthur' MORTE
Mental or spiritual INNER
Moon of Saturn TELESTO
Moxie GRIT
Music's Bartok BELA
NAFTA signatory USA
Name on some hot dog packages ARMOUR
Nothing more than MERE
Objective GOAL
Office mailroom stamp RECD
One fleeing persecution, perhaps EMIGRE
Opposition FOE
Oscar winner for 'Two Women' LOREN
Overabundance SURFEIT
Pained interjection OUCH
Part of a driver's exam EYETEST
PG-13 assigner MPAA
Pillboxes, e.g. HATS
Piratic exclamation YAR
Place to find bowls and halfpipes SKATEPARK
Polynesian carving TIKI
Popular pain reliever TYLENOL
PR practitioners FLAKS
Pulitzer-winning graphic novel subtitled 'A Survivor's Tale' MAUS
Razor blade feature SHARPEDGE
Richard III's house YORK
Rock classic written by Van Morrison GLORIA
Rolls-Royce's parent company BMW
Rural tower SILO
Second-stringers BTEAM
Section below a knight's breastplate TASSE
Senate Minority Whip Jon KYL
Sicilian wine MARSALA
Since ASOF
Soft mineral TALC
Sportswriter Dick or Jeremy SCHAAP
Steven Chu's cabinet department ENERGY
Stink to high heaven REEK
Temple of the Golden Pavilion setting KYOTO
Thanksgiving dish YAMS
They may be clear or threatening SKIES
Town at the west end of the George Washington Bridge FORTLEE
Trowel wielders MASONS
Two-bit CHEAPO
Two-time Best Actress winner Rainer LUISE
Two-time candidate Perot HROSS
Vehicle custom-made for a biblical judge? HONDAPILATE
Vicinity AREA
Villainous group in the 'Star Wars' universe SITH
Wall St. VIPs CEOS
Wander ROAM
Where to spend a nuevo sol PERU
Without flinching FEARLESSLY
Wolf pack member UBOAT
Yakutsk's river LENA
Yesterday, in the Yucatán AYER
Young ___ (tots) UNS
Youngest of the Brady girls CINDY
Zidlicky of the NHL MAREK
___ du Diable (French penal colony) ILE