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Clues Answers
"DMZ" actor Benjamin BRATT
"I'm — loss" ATA
"Mayday!" SOS
"Phantom Lady" co-star ELLARAINES
"Preach it!" AMEN
"Sleeper" co-star Diane KEATON
"Three's Company" co-star Suzanne SOMERS
"Vexations" composer Erik SATIE
"Year One" director Harold RAMIS
"You, over there ..." PSST
"— dabba doo!" YABBA
"— is an Englishman" ("H.M.S. Pinafore" lyric) FORHE
"— longa, vita brevis" ARS
'80s sitcom ALF
A stage past embryonic FETAL
Actresses Jillian and Blyth ANNS
Anna of fashion SUI
Aroma detector NOSE
Asian "way" TAO
Avian mimics PARROTS
Be too thrifty SKIMP
Bother a lot EATAT
Bowl-shaped frying pan WOK
Brand of PCs and tablets ACER
Breath-holding reef explorers, e.g FREEDIVERS
Bridal bio word NEE
Camel cousin LLAMA
Casual shirt TEE
Celtic language ERSE
Churlish sort BOOR
Comics cry EEK
Coup d'— (rebellion) ETAT
Currency of Latvia EURO
Darth Vader, as a boy ANI
Decimal base TEN
Deteriorate DECAY
Deteriorate ROT
Difficult task ONUS
Dot of land in the ocean ISLET
Eds. mark them up MSS
Elliott of the New England Patriots EZEKIEL
End of the riddle ROSEMARYANDTHYME
Exam for an atty.-to-be LSAT
Expand on ADDTO
Eye, to poets ORB
Forest growth TREE
Furniture wood option ELM
Gives the means ENABLES
Goat cheese FETA
Golf legend Palmer ARNOLD
Gp. checking baggage TSA
Gridiron gp NFL
Guided LED
Gun, in slang GAT
Hearth waste ASH
High coif UPDO
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Huskies, e.g DOGS
Ice cream alternatives SORBETS
Inaccurate OFF
Incendiary felonies ARSONS
Is given the chance to chime in GETSASAY
Jacob's twin, in the Bible ESAU
Je ne — quoi SAIS
Joan — (French saint) OFARC
Just slightly ABIT
Kind of 35mm camera SLR
Letters after els EMS
Clues Answers
Lick like a cat LAP
Lifelong pal, informally BFF
Lose color FADE
Luau hellos ALOHAS
Man-goat of myth SATYR
Math game with matchsticks NIM
Maui garland LEI
Miles away AFAR
Money for the senior yrs IRA
Most frequently OFTENEST
Neighbor of Georgia ALABAMA
Nest fillers EGGS
Non-earthlings, for short ETS
Not crying TEARLESS
Old fast jet, for short SST
Omitted, as a syllable ELIDED
Org. on a toothpaste box ADA
Otherwise IFNOT
Pale tan ECRU
Part of ROY G. BIV RED
Pen tips NIBS
Permit to LET
Picnic pest ANT
Pinnacles PEAKS
Pinnacles ACMES
Poker stake ANTE
Pre-Soviet rulers TSARS
Prefix with byte or ton MEGA
Prefix with term or week MID
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Protested unpeacefully RIOTED
Redeemers SAVIORS
Region ZONE
Resign from BOWOUTOF
Riddle, part 3 HADAHITSONG
Riddle, part 4 THATWASTITLED
Riddle, part 5 PARSLEYSAGE
Rips into HASAT
Roadwork goo TAR
Rock guitarist Barrett SYD
Rodent-built channel blockers BEAVERDAMS
Sailing ASEA
Skull parts JAWS
Sneeze catcher TISSUE
Spaghetti — bolognese ALLA
Sprinted faster than OUTRAN
Stain-fighting toothpaste, e.g WHITENER
Succinct TERSE
Swiss — (beet variety) CHARD
Take to the road DRIVE
Tasks JOBS
Tiered temples PAGODAS
Tiny hairlike structures CILIA
Took the gold WON
Used a scull OARED
User's guide MANUAL
Vietnamese New Year TET
Ward for preemies NICU
Warship with three banks of rowers TRIREME
Where aid is urgently required AREAOFNEED
While not physically attending INABSENTIA
Witty remark BONMOT
Worker purifying petroleum OILREFINER
Worker welfare org OSHA
Zapped with a stunning weapon TASED
— Lama DALAI