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Clues Answers
''But how ___ does it cost?'' MUCH
Added lubrication to OILED
Apartment superintendent's have them PASSKEYS
Beauty contestant's belt SASH
Black suit in a deck SPADE
Bulk-carrying barge SCOW
Carpenter's noisemaker HAMMER
Cause cravings TEMPT
Chinese drink export TEA
Cross it for 6 points (2 words) GOALLINE
Cut down with an axe HEW
Dermatology problem ACNE
Dollar abroad EURO
Drill attachment BIT
Eats or possesses HAS
Edition of a magazine ISSUE
Flour factory MILL
Gradually lessen as a tide EBB
Ground beef, for example (2 words) REDMEAT
Hung around aimlessly LOITERED
Internet opinion article BLOG
It can fail from the sky HAIL
It's stuck on the side of your face EAR
It's symbolized by a light bulb in comics IDEA
Itching to get going EAGER
Item in an outdoorsman's pack (2 words) TENTPEG
Lamb's sound BAA
Lawn mower additive GAS
Make a wager BET
Make physically used (to something) ACCUSTOM
Metal-eating liquid ACID
No longer changeable SET
Clues Answers
Nod's meaning YES
Not scheduled to work today IDLE
Old Glory's land USA
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Ostrich cousins RHEAS
Place to store 32-Across SHED
Portable computer LAPTOP
Prone to backtalk SASSY
Rainy haze in the air MIST
Reason to see a dentist ACHE
Restaurant bill TAB
Rowboat propeller OAR
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Scolding word to a dog BAD
Second person in the Bible? THEE
Single digit ONE
Software program, for short APP
Sorrow or anguish WOE
Suffix for the best EST
The arch in St. Louis, symbolically GATEWAY
Three Stooges blow SLAP
Toe protector SHOE
Took a shuttle bus RODE
Toots in traffic? BEEPS
Umps call them STRIKES
Vehicle with many wheels BUS
Veterinary patient PET
When sold separately EACH
Without much fat, as beef LEAN
Wrestling ring barrier ROPE
___ Eight (March Madness round) ELITE
___ mode (topped with ice cream) ALA