Universal - Dec 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"Citizen ___" (1941 film) KANE
"I'm done venting" ENDOFRANT
"No dillydallying!" ATONCE
"Now I see what you're pointing to" OHTHATONE
"Picnic" playwright William INGE
"What was that for, man?!" HEY
"Yojimbo" director Kurosawa AKIRA
Acid's opposite BASE
African country that became smaller in 2011 SUDAN
Applies to USESON
Art class binder? HOTGLUEGUN
Astronaut's transport SPACESHIP
Baby's face-covering game PEEKABOO
Beach lotion abbr SPF
Cutie pies HONEYS
Deserving of 2.5/5 stars, say SOSO
Disembark from STEPOFF
Dope, in '90s slang PHAT
Eavesdropper's range EARSHOT
Elevated form of seating STOOL
Exfoliating parts of many facials SKINPEELS
Fantasy conventions, e.g., stereotypically NERDFESTS
Firms up, as Jell-O SETS
Flat-bladed gardening tool HOE
Flattery for a big star EGOMASSAGE
Gay dating app GRINDR
Golfer's caution FORE
Gossip show since 1991 ENEWS
Grows more irksome FESTERS
Held by us OUR
Helios, in Greek mythology SUNGOD
Hiram ___, first Chinese-American U.S. senator FONG
Ice fisher's creation HOLE
It's known for fjords and Accords OSLO
Clues Answers
Jazz saxophonist Baker CHET
Just slightly ATAD
Like cold-weather sleeping bags LINED
Loads (of) ATON
Media giant with a lion logo MGM
Name synonymous with synonyms ROGET
Nice as can be SOKIND
Number-obsessed sort STATSGEEK
Org. behind the annual Humane Awards ASPCA
Palindromic Indian flour ATTA
Period before Easter LENT
Puts on, as a play STAGES
Regret RUE
Rolls out a lawn SODS
Royal known for HIV/AIDS advocacy, informally PRINCESSDI
Sacha Baron Cohen persona BORAT
San Diego suburb named for a feature of its geography LAMESA
Schuyler Bailar and Elliot Page, for two TRANSMEN
Set of professional goals CAREERPLAN
Small piece of lingerie GSTRING
Snail with an iridescent shell ABALONE
Source of Hinduism's "king of fruits" MANGOTREE
Southern granny MEEMAW
Span often separated by a dash DATERANGE
Spree, of a sort BENDER
Springsteen's moniker THEBOSS
Sweet stuff SUGAR
Tattle (on) TELL
Taylor Swift's The ___ Tour ERAS
To be, in Paris ETRE
Top effort AGAME
Trolley car TRAM
Troubled (by) BESET
___ & Jerry's BEN