USA Today - Mar 14 2011

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Clues Answers
"Ali ___ and the Forty Thieves" BABA
"Give ___, don't pollute!" AHOOT
"The Threepenny Opera" dramatist BRECHT
A lot, in Mexico MUCHO
Ankle bones TARSI
Barbarian invader of the Roman Empire ATTILATHEHUN
Befuddled ATSEA
Belief TENET
Bobby Darin classic MACKTHEKNIFE
Bygone flightless bird MOA
Coffee vessels URNS
Cured one's hunger pangs ATE
Don's employees MOBSTERS
Eavesdropper SNOOP
English composer Edward ELGAR
Fashionable Chanel COCO
Fill completely SATE
Get off the computer LOGOUT
Good-hearted brat DENNISTHEMENACE
Hindu nursemaid AYAH
Is in another form? ARE
It presents lots of problems? MATH
Like most of the world's people ASIAN
Long and lean LANK
Malarial symptom AGUE
Manhattan Project member Enrico FERMI
Marsh wader HERON
Member of the opposition ANTI
Memo imperative ASAP
Monopoly buy HOUSE
Nasty companion? MEAN
Oft-disassembled cookie OREO
Old Testament patriarch ENOCH
One way to sway FRO
One with power and influence NABOB
Pants measurement INSEAM
Passage in a log ENTRY
Piano technician TUNER
Platitude after a parable MORAL
Clues Answers
Pool-parlor powders TALCS
Proverbial prevention portion OUNCE
Restraining cord TETHER
Round container? GUN
Satellite dish ancestor AERIAL
Secret supply STASH
Semi-convertible auto roof TTOP
Show off one's Harley, in a way REV
Skedaddles SCRAMS
Soho drink TEA
Some dieters avoid them FATS
Steely bagmate AGATE
Streamlet RILL
String quartet instrument VIOLA
Supper scrap ORT
Surname of two presidents ADAMS
Syllables from Santa HOHO
Testimony taker STENO
Theatrical offering DRAMA
They catch counterfeiters FBI
Tiptoe or creep INCH
Tire nuts LUGS
Tool at Henley OAR
Traction aids BATHMATS
Twin of Jacob ESAU
Ultralight wood BALSA
Unimpressive score NIL
Untold millennia EON
Vague number SOME
Visibly terrified ASHEN
Wasn't colorfast RAN
Wear, as a sweater? FRAY
Where hogs wallow STY
Where the buffalo roam LEA
Where to find "Desperate Housewives" ABC
Wine grape MERLOT
Workbench files RASPS
Zeus' sister and spouse HERA