Universal - Dec 8 2023

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Clues Answers
"Dear ___ Hansen" EVAN
"For sure!" YEAH
"I will not put up with this anymore!" ENOUGHISENOUGH
Airline to Jerusalem ELAL
Baseball official UMPIRE
Beethoven's "Moonlight ___" SONATA
Big name in talks TED
Brand of headphones BOSE
Cajun stew GUMBO
Candy ___ (Christmas decorations) CANES
Catch an NPR show, say TUNEIN
City for Dutch royalty THEHAGUE
Common cause of goose bumps FEAR
Contented cat's sound PURR
Curie who researched radioactivity MARIE
Currency that anagrams to "rial" LIRA
Devour, in slang NOM
Drink served with marshmallows COCOA
Educated guess: Abbr EST
Emphatic grammatical constructions ... or the words hidden in 17-, 28- or 47-Across? DOUBLENEGATIVES
Employs USES
Environmentalist Thunberg GRETA
Exams for HS juniors PSATS
Fender flaws DENTS
Fluffy toy dog, for short POM
Follow as a result ENSUE
Frozen drink whose name sounds like its first two letters ICEE
Funding, as a TV program SPONSORING
Get-together MEETUP
Greek god of love EROS
Holy sister NUN
In addition ALSO
In and of itself ASSUCH
Indy 500, e.g RACE
Javelin, for one SPEAR
Land of Lima and llamas PERU
Like some diet food, in ads LOFAT
Many a squiggle on sheet music REST
Clues Answers
Michelin product TIRE
Microsoft browser EDGE
Nevada slots city RENO
Nickname that drops "An" DRE
One or more ANY
Org. for Tiger Woods PGA
Original "Monty Python" network BBC
Paper problem RIP
Part of the eye PUPIL
Pic-sharing app INSTA
Police officer COP
Popular Halloween outfit with faux fur APECOSTUME
Prefix with "natal" NEO
President who said, "I am not a crook" NIXON
Pressed, as clothes IRONED
Realtor's unit LOT
Robust HALE
Salad alternative SOUP
Second airing, say RERUN
Small field in Silicon Valley? NANOTECHNOLOGY
Snatch GRAB
Soccer great Mia HAMM
Standing up straight ERECT
Sweet's counterpart SOUR
There are two in a coordinate plane AXES
Trailblazers PIONEERS
Undisclosed contributors at a blood bank ANONYMOUSDONORS
University administrator DEAN
Unrefined CRASS
Unspecified degree NTH
Waist measurement GIRTH
Wall St. debut IPO
What birthday candles signify AGE
Wildebeests GNUS
Wipe clean ERASE
Word after "pop-up" or "set up" SHOP
___ and outs INS
___ de cologne EAU