L.A. Times Daily - Dec 6 2023

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Clues Answers
"Discover the West Coast Perspective" pub LATIMES
"It's __ a Minute": NPR podcast hosted by Brittany Luse BEEN
"Just to clarify ... " IMEAN
"Law & Order" spinoff, familiarly SVU
"Twilight" author Stephenie MEYER
Aquarium fish TETRA
Beach recess COVE
Beyoncé venue ARENA
Big pistachio exporter IRAN
Bread served with saag paneer NAAN
Call center worker TELEMARKETER
Cape __ COD
Carriage MIEN
Come to terms (with) MAKEPEACE
Compete in a potato sack race, say HOP
Convenience store convenience ATM
Disconnects UNLINKS
Familia member MADRE
Film composer Danny ELFMAN
Fiscal execs CFOS
George of "Just Shoot Me!" SEGAL
Glossary entry TERM
Green sage of film YODA
Gridiron position DEFENSIVEEND
Half a colon DOT
Hotel patron GUEST
Iditarod racer SLED
In a spooky way EERILY
Irrelevant MOOT
Junior SON
List of spa services, e.g MENU
Look at EYE
Lose one's cool SNAP
Maize unit EAR
Marketplace with handmade gifts ETSY
Mauna Loa flow LAVA
Money drawer TILL
Clues Answers
More intoxicating HEADIER
Nature Conservancy giveaway TOTE
O'Shaughnessy poem that begins, "We are the music makers, / And we are the dreamers of dreams" ODE
Ouija users MEDIUMS
Phisher's plan SCAM
Piece of broccoli or asparagus SPEAR
Pipe bend ELL
Presented with great resolution INHD
Pulitzer-winning composer Charles IVES
Put to work USE
Redheaded Disney princess ARIEL
SAG-AFTRA president Drescher FRAN
Salmon ladder spot DAM
Seductive power ALLURE
Small crown TIARA
Snorkeling site REEF
Soupçon HINT
Source of remote power? AAA
Souvenirs caught at stadiums FOULBALLS
Sportscaster Gary who called Orioles games from 2007 to 2020 THORNE
Still alive for the semis, say INIT
Stockings HOSE
Sure-footed circus performer TIGHTROPEWALKER
Surrounded by AMID
Suture, say SEW
Tall instrument with strings and pedals HARP
Taos winter hrs MST
Tavern projectile DART
Tequila source AGAVE
Thai cuisine herb BASIL
Therefore THUS
Title for Mo Farah SIR
Tolerate ABIDE
Ultimate tool? FRISBEE
Unimprovable place EDEN
Web-based group, or a collective descriptor of 17-, 26-, and 41-Across? ONLINECOMMUNITY