Universal - Dec 6 2023

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Clues Answers
"Don't bet ___!" ONIT
"It's good to be me, right?" (In this answer, note letters 8-10) HOWLUCKYAMI
"Right away!" ASAP
"Yo!" HIYA
"You ___ thing!" POOR
"___ I say more?" NEED
Authentic, in slang LEGIT
Baked ___ (pasta dish) ZITI
Better protected SAFER
Birthday candle count AGE
Bring up publicly, as problematic behavior CALLOUT
Canned albacore option (... letters 7-10) BUMBLEBEETUNA
Cap worn on the slopes SKIHAT
Cat's joyful sound PURR
Caterer's coffeepot URN
Churn ROIL
Class you'll surely pass EASYA
Conceptual artist Ono YOKO
Crypto art initialism NFT
Disco ___ ("Simpsons" character) STU
Dream state: Abbr REM
Early PC maker IBM
End of the NATO alphabet ZULU
Finger joint KNUCKLE
First chip in the poker pot ANTE
Free-for-all MELEE
Gave the thumbs-up to OKED
Gets quieter, as a song FADES
Gibbon or gorilla APE
Grp. that entertains troops USO
Havana's land CUBA
Hawk's dwelling AERIE
Impulsive desire URGE
In the center of AMID
Inquires ASKS
Insect that goes marching, in a children's song ANT
Iridescent gemstone OPAL
It uses only 1s and 0s BINARYCODE
Korean car named for a Hawaiian district (... letters 5-10) HYUNDAIKONA
Clues Answers
Low-quality BAD
Make, as a salary EARN
Minds a mutt, maybe DOGSITS
Minor matter TRIFLE
Multiplied by four QUADRUPLED
Not together APART
One nautical mile per hour KNOT
Opposite of "nay" YEA
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Out-of-focus image BLUR
Poems of praise ODES
Prickly plant BRIAR
Pull an all-nighter, say CRAM
Puzzle with an exit MAZE
Rent out LET
Resident of Dubrovnik CROAT
Rowboat propeller OAR
Rush the quarterback BLITZ
Santa Fe plants CACTI
Say again ECHO
Show about Capote TRU
Sidewalk's edge CURB
Small bills ONES
Small pies TARTS
Space Race competitor, for short USSR
Start to pilot? AUTO
Status ___ QUO
Steers a situation in a better direction (... letters 7-10) TURNSITAROUND
Strong criticism FLAK
Tendency BENT
The Buckeye State OHIO
The French flag in "Les Miserables," for one PROP
The Hawkeye State IOWA
Unbox OPEN
Very long movies EPICS
Way off in the distance AFAR
Woman who takes a vow of poverty NUN
Word after "went" or "whiskey" SOUR
Yields a profit PAYS