L.A. Times Daily - Dec 5 2023

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Clues Answers
"Both would be fine" EITHER
"Sunday NFL Countdown" network ESPN
"The Good Place" creator Michael SCHUR
"The Waste Land" poet's monogram TSE
"__ Misérables" LES
"__ my cup of tea" NOT
Agcy. operating full-body scanners TSA
Alpaca relative LLAMA
Annual football game in Arizona FIESTABOWL
Anti-narcotics law gp DEA
Arched-back yoga asana CATPOSE
Astronaut Buzz who was the second man on the moon ALDRIN
Athleta parent company GAP
Athletic FIT
Bibliography list TITLES
Bordeaux beau AMI
Conducted LED
Convene again RESIT
Desert watering holes OASES
Docking spot PIER
Dubbed NAMED
Duration of employment STINT
Expired, as time RANOUT
Figure on the last float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade SANTA
Fleece-lined boots UGGS
Functional UTILE
Fungus gnat, e.g PEST
Ice planet beyond Saturn URANUS
Inheritance from one's parents? GENES
Isn't credible, or a literal description of 17-, 22-, 35-, or 46-Across? DOESNTHOLDWATER
Khaki kin TAN
Light and delicate ETHEREAL
Little rascals IMPS
Luminous AGLOW
Makeup of 16-Across DNA
Marriage UNION
Means of sticking a shower caddy to a tile wall SUCTIONCUP
Clues Answers
Melmac native of 1980s TV ALF
Mentions indirectly ALLUDESTO
Mind readers TELEPATHS
Mooch, as a smoke BUM
Muse of poetry ERATO
Nail polish brand OPI
Narrow-headed drum TOMTOM
Neglects to mention OMITS
Novelist Riordan RICK
Orchestral reeds OBOES
Paul Anka's "__ Beso" ESO
Peace Nobelist Sadat ANWAR
Perplex BEMUSE
Realismo __: Isabel Allende genre MAGICO
Risotto recipe verb STIR
Royal elephant of children's literature BABAR
Russian pancakes BLINI
Score more than BEAT
Serpentine curve ESS
Sherlock Holmes costume accessory MAGNIFYINGGLASS
Skier's surface SNOW
Slice of history ERA
Splinter group SECT
Suffix with pay or Cray OLA
Support from the bullpen RELIEFPITCHER
Supreme Court justice Kagan ELENA
Takes effect SETSIN
Tank the efficacy of, in gamer slang NERF
To the left, at sea APORT
URL ending for charities ORG
Weather forecast aid RADAR
Web portal with Bing MSN
What did ewe say? BAA
Wins every game in a series SWEEPS
__ leaf: stew herb BAY
__ out a win: almost lost EKED