Universal - Dec 5 2023

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Clues Answers
"People are saying ..." IHEAR
"Pocket rockets," in poker ACES
"You betcha!" YEP
*1980 Steely Dan hit HEYNINETEEN
*1982 Stevie Nicks hit EDGEOFSEVENTEEN
*2003 White Stripes hit SEVENNATIONARMY
8,675,309, for one ... or a hint to each asterisked clue's answer PRIMENUMBER
Annual shot's target FLU
Applauds, informally GIVESITUP
Bender's term for a human, on "Futurama" MEATBAG
Big name in cooking spray PAM
Bills that pass LAWS
Bollywood strings SITARS
Captain's spot HELM
Cauliflower ___ (healthy alternative to a grain) RICE
Chilled with cubes ICED
Chow down EAT
Corp. bigwig CEO
Cousin of a heron IBIS
Cryptanalysis org NSA
Devastate RUIN
Elbows' locations ARMS
Expert PRO
Foul temper BILE
Future hyacinth or tulip BULB
Geeky music genre NERDRAP
Genderqueer identity ENBY
Gobble up INHALE
Good storyteller RACONTEUR
Greek messenger god HERMES
Hawaii's third-largest island OAHU
High priest at Shiloh ELI
Iconic musician from Toronto DRAKE
In that case THEN
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Kingston sch URI
Latin pop icon Miguel LUIS
Clues Answers
Leave out OMIT
Lexington sch VMI
Like a personal trainer FIT
Like some elders and tattoos TRIBAL
Material in disposable gloves LATEX
Michael of "SNL" CHE
Michelin Guide unit STAR
Moves to first class, say RESEATS
NFL official REF
Not tense ATEASE
One of two for each state: Abbr SEN
Outdoor gear co-op REI
Pair of cymbals with a pedal HIHAT
Persuade gently COAX
Pitcher's stat ERA
Plot measure ACRE
Positions (oneself) ORIENTS
Prepares to store, as a flag FURLS
Put clothes on DRESS
Questionable IFFY
Resort that may be called Oasis SPA
Shag ___ RUG
She brought eternal winter to Arendelle, in "Frozen" ELSA
Ship out SENDOFF
Sister NUN
Skippy alternative JIF
Song for two DUET
Sound that rebounds ECHO
Speed contest RACE
Start of a Spanish year ENERO
Struggle (with) WRESTLE
Villain defeated by Leia JABBA
Virginia Tech's sports grp ACC
Welcoming sign OPEN
What might change a ring tone? MOOD
What moles and voles do? RHYME
What's HI-strung? UKE
___ best friend (dog) MANS
___ the line TOE