L.A. Times Daily - Dec 4 2023

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Clues Answers
"Go back" button: Abbr REW
"Good Morning America" co-anchor Roberts ROBIN
"It's pointless" NOUSE
"See ya" IMOUT
Ability to see in low light NIGHTVISION
Actor Danny in Jersey Mike's ads DEVITO
Appraiser's determination FAIRMARKETVALUE
Autumn FALL
Barn topper VANE
Beyond compare PRIMO
Building manager, casually SUPE
Celebrity STAR
College URL part EDU
Country between Togo and Nigeria BENIN
Court sport, for short BBALL
Curved piece ARC
Dine at home EATIN
Dine outside PICNIC
Director Ang LEE
Encrypted URL starter HTTPS
Ewoks' home ENDOR
Facility with a supercomputer array SERVERFARM
Fades to black ENDS
Fashion designer Geoffrey BEENE
Flattened at the poles, as Earth OBLATE
Floral wreath LEI
French pronoun LUI
Game of chance similar to bingo BEANO
Hoppy beverage with New England and West Coast varieties IPA
Hunk of turf DIVOT
Indian lute SITAR
Inflatable river float, or what the answers to 16-, 23-, 35-, and 46-Across have INNERTUBE
Knee injury initials ACL
Like most software, once ONCD
Looks for SEEKS
Mass transit option BUS
Mass. MLB team BOS
Michelangelo sculpture in St. Peter's PIETA
Clues Answers
More levelheaded SANER
Naan relative ROTI
Narcissistic VAIN
Neither's partner NOR
Nest on a crest AERIE
NorCal airport SFO
Ostrichlike bird EMU
Part in a film ROLE
Pen tip NIB
Pine leaf NEEDLE
Players who have mastered the art of the deal? CARDSHARKS
Playwright Henrik IBSEN
Quaint suffix with school MARM
Say confidently AVER
Seize illegally USURP
Shar-__: wrinkly dog PEI
Signs off on OKS
Singer Yoko ONO
Small songbirds WRENS
Strip of gear, as a ship UNRIG
Sty fare SLOP
Suffix with Dickens or Orwell IAN
Sweetheart DEAR
Tart sprinkle for fish and chips MALTVINEGAR
Tequila order SHOT
TikTok posts by some pet owners CATVIDEOS
To and __ FRO
Turkey__: breakfast meat that's both halal and kosher BACON
Unseals OPENS
Used Elmer's GLUED
Went astray ERRED
Wind instrument that might have a curved head ALTOFLUTE
Word in many concert album names LIVE
Words of compassion ICARE
Writer who visits a lot of galleries ARTCRITIC
Ziff who's infatuated with Marge Simpson ARTIE
__ upon a time .. ONCE