New York Times - Jan 3 2002

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Clues Answers
1950's political inits. AES
1997 Demi Moore title role GIJANE
58-Across feature TILDE
Actor Moody of 'Oliver!' RON
Actress Long NIA
Adventurer-turned-alien? ETLAWRENCE
Alphonse's partner in old comics GASTON
Author-turned-coroner? MEFORSTER
Author-turned-radio personality? DJSALINGER
Bad hairdo MOP
Batting whiz Jeter DEREK
Boeuf à la Russe ingredient EGG
Chicago Cubs spring training site MESA
Child pluralizer REN
Chord type TRIAD
Citrus mixer LIMEADE
Donkey's uncle ASS
Draws out EDUCES
Expand ADDON
Explicit STATED
Gleeful cry AHA
Greenhouse operation GRAFTING
H.S. helpers PTAS
Hosp. charts EEGS
Iodine source SEAWEED
Joe of 'Apollo 13' SPANO
King of the Bullwhip LARUE
Knock the socks off AWE
Knotted rope NOOSE
La la lead-in TRA
Lab tube BURETTE
Less risky SANER
Lettuce serving BED
Light shades BEIGES
Make out DETECT
Clues Answers
Man in search of meaning? ROGET
Mozart's Sonata ___ for Keyboard and Violin ING
Neighbor of Lucy and Desi FRED
Novelist born in Thornton, Yorkshire BRONTE
One who's fair BLONDE
Overseas honour: Abbr. OBE
Paul McCartney, for one SIR
Pessimist's reply ICANT
Poet Harwood GWEN
Preauction fig. EST
Present time: Abbr. DEC
Psychologist-turned-N.F.L. runner? FBSKINNER
Put off TABLE
Puts forward ASSERTS
Really enjoys EATSUP
Request for Vanna, maybe ANO
Resting ATEASE
Ross Sea sight ICEFLOE
Sabbath proscription BLUELAW
Settled down ALIT
Smackers ONES
Spanish lady DONA
Spill TRIP
Suffix with favor ITE
Tiny wriggler EFT
Toronado or Starfire OLDS
Turkish dough LIRA
Univ. workers TAS
Win by ___ ANOSE
Win the love of ENDEAR
Winter coats ULSTERS
Writer-turned-physician? GPWODEHOUSE
Years ___ AGO
Yemen, once SHEBA