Family Time - Dec 3 2023

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Clues Answers
''No ___ Traffic'' THRU
144,000 divided by 14,400 TEN
Bee home HIVE
Brazen boldness GALL
Cedar chest closer HASP
Common hot drink TEA
Container top LID
Creature hooting in the hay (2 words) BARNOWL
Curved, as a metal rod BENT
Diplomatic staffer ATTACHE
Each one PER
Ear part LOBE
Electrifying sea creature EEL
English horn relative OBOE
Fermentation sediments in a barrel LEES
Flower container VASE
Frozen dessert variety BOMBE
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Had on, as clothes WORE
Haul to court over a matter SUE
How many a ticket admits ONE
It can hear you EAR
Just out for sale NEW
Latticework for vines ARBOR
Laura's husband Petrie of old TV ROB
Make silly mistakes ERR
Male on the farm RAM
May 15, to Caesar IDES
Metal mine mineral ORE
Minor wife-husband argument SPAT
Not taped and happening now LIVE
Not that guy's, try the other HERS
Not that lady's, try the other HIS
Clues Answers
Not there, try the other HERE
Outer layer of the skin EPIDERMIS
Pecan or cherry food PIE
Persia, nowadays IRAN
Pleasant smell from a bakery AROMA
Powerful zoo creature APE
Prefer to RATHER
Quick, as a study APT
Reside DWELL
Ridicule DERIDE
Right next to ALONGSIDE
Service charge FEE
Shuttlecock stopper NET
Sod relative SWARD
Speak like a stereotypical Southerner DRAWL
Stat for MLB hurlers ERA
Sticky stuff for the roof TAR
Teeth straighteners BRACES
Test version of software BETA
Thrice divided by 3 ONCE
Trip odometer button RESET
Type of bear POLAR
Type of roast outdoors? WEENIE
Unknown space craft UFO
Use needle and thread SEW
Utilize USE
Vegetable in a little pod PEA
Vegetable that makes you cry ONION
Vibrant color RED
Villainous look SNEER
Wed quickly without warning ELOPE
Word in prayers AMEN
Yearn for intensely CRAVE