L.A. Times Daily - Dec 3 2023

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Clues Answers
"Elon Musk" biographer Walter ISAACSON
"Please don't go!" STAY
"See ya!" MANANA
"The Idol" actress Lily-Rose DEPP
"The Long Goodbye" Oscar winner Ahmed RIZ
"This herb is amazing!"? GREATTHYME
"Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" channel GSN
"__ a wrap" THATS
50+ group AARP
Abundant AMPLE
Actress Swinton TILDA
Actress Woodard ALFRE
Annex shape, perhaps ELL
Aria deliverer DIVA
Artists' lofts ATELIERS
Aussie greeting GDAY
Avoid the downside in a corn investment? HEDGEMAIZE
Bark ARF
Battle of the brands ADWAR
Beagle, for one HOUND
Biometric recognition method FACESCAN
Blown away AWED
Blunt, as truth NAKED
Bowl over STUN
Campus brothers FRAT
Caramel-filled treat ROLO
Carefully check some deli stock? SCREENLOX
Casino request HITME
Ceremonies RITES
Certain, for sure: Abbr SYN
Chem class cost LABFEE
Chemical suffix ENE
Chimichanga wrap TORTILLA
Citation shortener ETAL
City viewed from Holmenkollbakken OSLO
Comedy bit SKIT
Court fig STENO
Court proceeding TRIAL
Credit alternative CASH
Dangling jewelry EARDROPS
Decree FIAT
Driller's deg DDS
Drink with foam art LATTE
Elbow room LEEWAY
Etna emission LAVA
Fantasy football stat YDS
Far from calm INAPANIC
Functional OFUSE
Furniture chain founded in Sweden IKEA
Game with rooks CHESS
Garage cacophony CARALARM
Go to the polls VOTE
Golfing compliment NICESHOT
Hamburgers and hot dogs sold at a NASCAR race? TRACKMEAT
Hindu festival of lights DIWALI
How-__: manuals TOS
Ignored the limit SPED
In one fell __ SWOOP
Ingredient that tends to fly out of the stand mixer? WILDFLOUR
Intel microprocessor XEON
IRS option EFILE
Jai __ ALAI
Kelp and sargassum SEAWEEDS
Killer whale ORCA
Lakers legend Shaquille ONEAL
Landscaping supply SOD
Letter before kappa IOTA
Letters on egg cartons USDA
Lid woe STYE
Clues Answers
Little devils IMPS
Low-pressure technique SOFTSELL
Magician Jillette PENN
Make an unusual choice while making borscht? SKIPABEET
Mauna __ LOA
Melodramatic fare SOAPS
Mike Brady or Phil Dunphy TVDAD
Miles and meters UNITS
Min. parts SECS
Ming who is the tallest player in the basketball Hall of Fame YAO
Mosque leader IMAM
Most bashful SHIEST
Movesian who co-hosts "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend" SONA
Movie location SET
No Doubt lead singer Stefani GWEN
Noggins DOMES
Numbered hwy RTE
Nutrient in dried beans IRON
Oldest Haim sister ESTE
Operating system developed by Bell Labs UNIX
Patterns in an aviary PLUMAGES
Picnicker's worry RAIN
Picture house CINEMA
Piques SNITS
Pitch in HELP
Pitched THREW
Polite interruption AHEM
Pricey salon job PERM
Punishes with a fine MULCTS
Raga instrument SITAR
Read Across America org NEA
Reason to hit the books EXAM
Reason to hit the books TEST
Refuse to bend INSIST
Repast MEAL
Request to a fishmonger for smaller portions? BREAKMYSOLE
Restricted zone NOGOAREA
Retail giant that owns Food 4 Less and Ralphs KROGER
Sandpaper surface GRIT
Saoirse of "Lady Bird" RONAN
Score a seafood morsel in a bite of paella? PULLAMUSSEL
Scottish lowland GLEN
Scraped (by) EKED
Ship's staff CREW
Sketch the Thanksgiving turkey before it's carved? DRAWAFOWL
Soak (up) SOP
Some tow tasks, for short REPOS
Sp. woman SRA
Spa treatment WAX
Speedy RAPID
Spot of land ISLET
Steam room SAUNA
Stocky dog BOXER
Super conductors? MAESTROS
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Swamps MIRES
Take a trip to VISIT
Talks back SASSES
Tallahassee sch FSU
Town across the Thames from Windsor ETON
Travis or Haggard of country music MERLE
Understands GETS
Unhappy returns? BADKARMA
Utter delight GLEE
Wafer named for its flavor NILLA
Walgreens rival CVS
Warthog feature TUSK
Watering hole BAR
__ contact EYE
__ firma TERRA