Universal - Nov 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"Don't ___ me down!" LET
"I'm not lying about that" ITIS
"Notorious" onetime justice, briefly RBG
"Sweetie ..." MYDEAR
"That's hilarious," in a text LMAO
"That's shocking," in a text OMG
"Tootsie" actress Garr TERI
"WandaVision" actress Elizabeth OLSEN
"Yikes, are you OK?!" OHNO
"___ be a pleasure!" ITD
'50s music genre featured in "Back to the Future" DOOWOP
Alley-___ OOP
Alpaca relative LLAMA
Attack, as a bear would MAUL
Aunt, in Spanish TIA
Awe-inspiring hero? SUBLIMESANDWICH
Canon camera model EOS
Capital with a view of Mount Fuji TOKYO
Chickens' gathering places ROOSTS
Co. that offered IMs AOL
Code segments? LAWS
Comic Brennan NEAL
Connections BONDS
Costa ___ RICA
Dallas sch SMU
Dec. 31 NYE
Decorative threads on Western wear FRINGE
Diva's performance ARIA
End of a threat ORELSE
FedEx rival UPS
Finding a four-leaf clover, e.g GOODOMEN
Go too fast SPEED
Goal AIM
Graphic artist known for his optical illusions MCESCHER
He flew too close to the sun ICARUS
How anyone can look if they put their mind to it? INWARD
Clues Answers
Incredibly handsome guy ADONIS
Intense anger IRE
Invite to enter ASKIN
It's purple on a presidential electoral map SWINGSTATE
Japanese rice wine SAKE
Liberal, informally DEM
Like a green banana UNRIPE
Like a very pale face PASTY
Liquids in Sharpies INKS
Most popular U.S. dog breed LAB
Muscle contraction SPASM
Official order to play songs? THEMUSICMANDATE
Orlando's NBA team MAGIC
Pack away STOW
Passion ZEAL
Plant with fronds FERN
Red Sox Hall of Famer David ORTIZ
Response to an overshare TMI
See 26-Across ROMANGOD
Shakespearean king LEAR
Shouts of disapproval BOOS
Slimy dirt MUCK
Smash, as a volleyball SPIKE
Smoldering coal EMBER
Sound investment? STEREO
Spot for a binge-watcher SOFA
Stardom FAME
Start of a musical ACTI
Subj. for some immigrants ESL
Sunrise direction EAST
Surrounded by AMID
Tennis icon Arthur ASHE
Ticket throwaway STUB
TV type LCD
What Indy seeks in his first cinematic quest ARK
With 49-Across, punish Eros but not Cupid? SPARETHE
___ buco OSSO
___ Paulo SAO
___-Man (dot eater) PAC