The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9386

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Clues Answers
Afresh NEWLY
Attempted, tried ESSAYED
Breathable mix of gases AIR
Duplicity, dishonesty DECEIT
Electrical weapon TASER
Facecloth FLANNEL
Foretell PREDICT
Fulfilling, gratifying REWARDING
Go on too long OVERRUN
Greenish film on metal PATINA
Insult, affront OFFEND
Jockey RIDER
Look at EYE
Marry WED
Clues Answers
Member of an exclusive group INSIDER
More secure SAFER
Oysters, squid, cod etc SEAFOOD
Period of 24 hours DAY
Piece of armour for the chest and back CUIRASS
Place of worship CHURCH
Power, might FORCE
Practice performance REHEARSAL
Roadside stopping place lay-by
Scottish university town St Andrews
Squander WASTE
Time off from work HOLIDAY
Twist sharply WRING