Family Time - Nov 26 2023

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Clues Answers
"... here on Gilligan's ___" ISLE
"... to thine own ___ be true" SELF
"... with liberty and justice for ___" ALL
"Besides that ..." ALSO
"Holy moly!" GEE
"With the greatest of ___ ..." EASE
Admit ___ (ticket words) ONE
Alien spacecraft UFO
Bayou or fjord INLET
Beast with tusks (2 words) WILDBOAR
Before, way back ERE
Burn the surface, like a steak CHAR
Car for a day RENTAL
Chocolate cookie OREO
Closed hand FIST
Dangerous fish food, to the fish BAIT
Dedicated poem ODE
Do "sum" calculations ADD
Dog's hands PAWS
Eve's origin RIB
Event for the swift RACE
Expensive fur variety SABLE
Flower part STEM
Gear sprocket COG
Give temporarily LEND
Green fruit LIME
Had salami with hot apple pie ATE
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Home of the world's largest twine 34-Down USA
Huge piece of marble SLAB
Invisible glow AURA
It has a clapper BELL
January illness FLU
Just laying around IDLE
Clues Answers
Kangaroo mouse, e.g RODENT
Kind of father or mother ADOPTIVE
Kind of rays GAMMA
Landed ALIT
Little bit IOTA
Look after, as a garden TEND
Matching socks are this PAIR
Neither's partner NOR
Operate the driver's wheel STEER
Pelvis HIP
Personal system of beliefs CREDO
Plentiful? Oh, no RARE
Popular K-pop performer IDOL
Public parking place LOT
Role ___ (someone to look up to) MODEL
Sis's opposite BRO
Square yardage AREA
Stars & Stripes or Union Jack FLAG
Stat for starting pitchers ERA
Super creepy EERIE
Take the advice of HEED
Thing to travel on ROAD
Tied score EVEN
Toy block that has a theme park LEGO
Trust (with "on") RELY
Type of child who can be a 22-Across SON
U-turn from calm EDGY
Why you need an air freshener ODOR
Wildly excited AGOG
Word after "soccer" or "pickle" BALL
Word before "cat" or "Tuesday" FAT
Word that ends prayers AMEN
___-on favorite ODDS
___/her/hers SHE