Universal - Nov 26 2023

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Clues Answers
"... but I could be wrong" ORNOT
"All better!" GOODASNEW
"C'mon, would I do that?!" YOUKNOWME
"Great play, goalie!" WHATASAVE
"Mamma Mia!" star Streep MERYL
"Now," to a doctor STAT
"Real Sports" host Bryant GUMBEL
"The Incredibles" fashionista Mode EDNA
"The very ___!" IDEA
"You're it!" TAG
"___ Rae" (film in which Sally Field holds a UNION sign) NORMA
#, in chess notation MATE
(I want to go for a walk!) ARF
American rival DELTA
Avoid via a spin move, perhaps EVADE
Bike rack attachments named for a vowel ULOCKS
Bookie's calculation ODDS
Breeze past EASEBY
Canadian coin with a bird on one side LOONIE
Cash box, for short ATM
Cleans, as a spill MOPSUP
Convent resident NUN
Damp and smelly MUSTY
Do some marathon training GOFORARUN
Dogs similar to huskies MALAMUTES
Dolphins' communication method SONAR
Eggs in a fertility clinic OVA
Fella CHAP
Fix the result of RIG
Floor exercises? DANCEMOVES
Flyers with secret information? SPYPLANES
Fried squid CALAMARI
Goddess who emerged from Durga KALI
Have tamales, perhaps EAT
Informed TOLD
Just say no DENY
Clues Answers
Let down, as your hair UNPIN
Lil ___ X NAS
Look before you ___ LEAP
Lowly worker PEON
Main doctor, for short PCP
Means of access ENTRY
Means of access WAYIN
Nashville auditorium hidden in "Barry Manilow" RYMAN
NBA announcer Burke DORIS
Neither's partner NOR
Nickname that omits "vatore" SAL
No longer racing against the clock OUTOFTIME
Opera solo ARIA
Paraglider's domain SKY
Personal planner division WEEK
Physics, for one: Abbr SCI
Post-course refresher? AFTERDINNERMINT
Ready for customers OPEN
Recurring theme MOTIF
Reddit Q&A AMA
Something to type in for a discount COUPONCODE
Sounding thin and metallic TINNY
Spirits that might be spiced RUMS
Suffix with "gab" or "snooze" FEST
Taboo thing NONO
Tasting of a wood barrel OAKY
Tender cuts of meat LOINS
Tired person's announcement INEEDANAP
Tombstone inscriptions EPITAPHS
Tool with teeth SAW
Try to calm down TAKEADEEPBREATH
Unable to decide TORN
Whimper for a treat BEG
Zen garden tools RAKES
___ condor (bird found in a South American range) ANDEAN
___ My Friends (punny name for a succulent shop) ALOE