L.A. Times Daily - Nov 26 2023

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Clues Answers
"As if!" PSHAW
"Big Little Lies" novelist Moriarty LIANE
"Bridesmaids" actor Chris ODOWD
"Completely," casually TOTES
"Crikey!" ACK
"I speak for the trees" Seuss character LORAX
"No seats" sign SRO
"Professor Plum, in the library, with the candlestick" board game CLUE
"Spring forward" letters DST
"The Goonies" role for Ke Huy Quan DATA
"We've all __ there" BEEN
"Whichever" EITHER
"Yes __, Bob!" SIREE
Agcys ORGS
Agnus __ DEI
Allowed to graze FREERANGE
Angular abode AFRAME
Asparagus-like vegetable in some miso soup recipes UDO
Austin __: Tennessee university PEAY
Bank's takeback REPO
Berlin Olympics star Jesse OWENS
Bit the dust ATEIT
Bk. reviewer? CPA
Bobby honored at Boston's TD Garden ORR
Bygone depilatory brand NEET
Cable TV's Nat __ Wild GEO
Canadian prov PEI
Chapati flour ATTA
Chinese tea CHA
Cologne's river RHINE
Comics unit PANEL
Committee leader CHAIR
Country with the southernmost capital city in the Americas URUGUAY
Crafty street art YARNBOMB
Crash site? SPAREBED
Cygnets' parents SWANS
Disco legend Summer DONNA
Discover, as a solution HITON
Doone of fiction LORNA
Dutch cheese EDAM
Escarole kin ENDIVE
Essay by the author of "The Martian"? ANDYWEIRPIECE
Euro pop? PERE
Expansive BROAD
Fall loosely DRAPE
Female kin NIECE
Fforde who writes the "Thursday Next" mystery novels JASPER
Flag bearers POLES
Flat cap TAM
Former Ford div MERC
French masculine pronoun LUI
Frilly underskirt PETTICOAT
Funeral rite pile PYRE
Furniture wood ELM
Gamble (on) TAKEAFLYER
Get away from it all ESCAPE
Govt. mortgage insurer FHA
GPS lines RTES
Harmon of "Rizzoli & Isles" ANGIE
Has a feeling SENSES
Head-scratcher TOUGHIE
Heads and tails SIDES
Home of the northeast route to Everest TIBET
Home of the southeast route to Everest NEPAL
Hydrocarbon gas ETHANE
Image file type GIF
Invents, as a word COINS
Jack of early talk TV PAAR
Jewelry displayed next to keychains and fridge magnets? SOUVENIRRINGS
Clues Answers
Kid around JEST
La Brea abundance TAR
Letters on a lunch menu BLT
Liberia's capital MONROVIA
Like some chocolate SEMISWEET
Lost intimacy, say GREWAPART
LP successors CDS
Madre's sister TIA
Male mallard DRAKE
Many a helpful video, for short DEMO
Martin Van __ BUREN
Memorizes LEARNS
Milky birthstone OPAL
More than simmer BOIL
Mustang's prints? TIRETRACKS
Narnia lion ASLAN
NBA legend Bryant KOBE
Negligible SCANT
Nevada's second-most populous county WASHOE
Ninth grade math course, often ALGEBRAI
Oil field apparatus RIG
Organ __ DONOR
Parsonage MANSE
Part of an emergency warning system SIREN
Peru native INCA
Pitch tents ENCAMP
Pixar clownfish NEMO
Place for matches ARENA
Player who pouts after a rout SORELOSER
Polish for posh light fixtures? CHANDELIERWAX
Pond protozoan AMOEBA
Position STANCE
Practical UTILE
Promo for a production at the Globe Theatre? SHAKESPEAREPLUG
Proprietor OWNER
Protagonist HERO
Pup's bark YAP
Quaint contraction TWAS
Quick swim DIP
Regular expense for an employer PAYROLL
Rich dessert TORTE
Room brighteners LAMPS
School friends in Troy, New York? RENSSELAERBUDS
Scuba spot REEF
Shoe reinforcement TOEPLATE
Sign of impending bad weather? ATMOSPHEREDROP
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sleep cycle letters REM
Soreness after a long day working at Sotheby's? AUCTIONEERACHES
Sounds of meditation OMS
Southeast Asian language LAO
Taking after ALA
Taurasi who was the first WNBA player to score more than 9,000 points DIANA
Tennis do-over LET
The Hawks, on scoreboards ATL
Tiny particle ATOM
Triage ctrs ERS
Troubled greatly PLAGUED
Two-time Best Director Oscar winner Alejandro González __ INARRITU
Wet septet SEAS
Wind instrument? CHIME
Winter Games gp IOC
Zoo doc VET
[Scratches head] HOWODD
__ bar SPACE
__ new BRAND
__ World Service: international news org. based in London BBC
__-com ROM