L.A. Times Daily - Nov 25 2023

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Clues Answers
"Contact" org SETI
"Iliad" characters IOTAS
"Seriously?" ITIS
"What's the __?": Kim Possible catchphrase SITCH
"Wonderful Tonight" memoirist Boyd PATTIE
Amanda of "Brockmire" PEET
Balanced EVEN
Big D campus SMU
Big name in morning TV RIPA
Board sticker DART
Buttonholes, e.g SLITS
Cartoon girl who popularized "meh" LISASIMPSON
Clip follower CLOP
Clipper parts MASTS
Clock toggle AMPM
Colorful Victorian houses in San Francisco, e.g PAINTEDLADIES
Comes before PREDATES
Computer security concern BACKDOORS
Creator of spine-tingling content? ASMRTIST
Delectable TASTY
Deliver letters? DICTATE
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Dread, perhaps AWAIT
Dump STY
Earring Magic __: collectible doll of 1993 KEN
Free spot PSA
French crown TETE
Instruments that may have 21 strings SITARS
Island in the Cyclades IOS
Jump-starts a training regimen? SKIPSROPE
Lab work TESTS
Like Oberlin since 1837 COED
Low points PERIGEES
Lunar New Year treats MOONCAKES
Clues Answers
Lunch spot DELI
Manipulate USE
Missouri representative Bush CORI
Need in some preservation efforts MASONJARS
One of the racing Andrettis MARCO
Oregon city on the Deschutes River BEND
Orem resident UTAHN
Pallet piece SLAT
Part of a vampire costume FAKETEETH
Pet that needs a sitter? LAPCAT
Picks up on GETS
Pitching areas? ADSPACES
Place to check in FRONTDESK
Places to retire? PITS
Plays first OPENS
Rachel Carson subj DDT
Small businesses? MINIMARTS
Softens, in a way DAMPS
Some indie releases EPS
Spitting nails LIVID
Squeak of surprise EEK
Start of summer or winter MID
Stomach ACCEPT
Storage systems? DATACENTERS
Street food also known as golgappa PANIPURI
Sue Bird's jersey number TEN
Taco topper that may be infused with lime CREMA
Tennis legend who wrote a history of African-American athletes ASHE
Those, in Spanish ESOS
VP between Hubert and Gerald SPIRO
Without getting worked up INSTRIDE