Universal - Jan 3 2002

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Clues Answers
''--- Brockovich'' ERIN
''--- of the State'' (1998) ENEMY
''Andy Capp'' cartoonist Smythe REG
''Riders to the Sea'' dramatist SYNGE
''Silas Marner'' novelist ELIOT
Ancient kingdom near the Dead Sea MOAB
Apply a branding iron SEAR
Attraction DRAW
Avian chatterbox MYNAH
Baldwin of ''The Juror'' ALEC
Belinda Carlisle, for one GOGO
Blouse TOP
Bull or Bear, e.g. PRO
Calais-to-Paris dir. SSE
Competed VIED
Connecting rod AXLE
Cordelia's dad LEAR
Current event? EDDY
Deceptive maneuver PLOY
Deformed circles OVALS
Eat or drink to excess BINGE
Emulate Bing Crosby CROON
Equally matched EVEN
Escape, as from jail LAM
Failed miserably BOMBED
Fifty cents per mile, e.g. RATE
First claim, in slang DIBS
Frozen over ICY
Golf expendable TEE
Greek god of war ARES
Green eggs go-with HAM
Have-not's condition NEED
Heavens! EGAD
India's official language HINDI
It can be upped ANTE
Its logo is an eye on the tube CBS
J. Fred Muggs, for one APE
Jordan's capital AMMAN
Clues Answers
Kathmandu's land NEPAL
Legendary frontiersman BOONE
Less exacting EASIER
Lower in value DEBASE
Military storehouse ARMORY
Mountains around Salt Lake City WASATCHRANGE
Mythical bird of prey ROC
Namibia's neighbor ANGOLA
Nary a soul NOONE
Negative starter NON
Persian, nowadays IRANI
Pigeon-___ TOED
Political influence CLOUT
Ruinous agent BANE
Salt Lake City landmark MORMONTEMPLE
Salt Lake City pioneer BRIGHAMYOUNG
Shave cheese GRATE
Small bell sound TING
Soccer mom's wheels, stereotypically SUV
Souped-up Harley HOG
Squash variety ACORN
Statistical calculation MODE
Supports someone's sinful acts ABETS
Surveillant's plant BUG
Swabbie's tool MOP
The film ''Harry Potter,'' to the box office SMASH
They can get personal or be televised ADS
They're full of baloney DELIS
Underhanded SLY
View from the Louvre SEINE
Villain's expression, stereotypically SNEER
Violent rotating windstorm CYCLONE
Withdrawal EXIT
Women like Lucille Ball REDHEADS
Woody's singing son ARLO
Word with Bermuda or isosceles TRIANGLE
Word with booby or sand TRAPS