Universal - Nov 24 2023

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Clues Answers
"Excuse me" AHEM
"Let's do this!" IMIN
"Let's go," in Spanish VAMOS
"Mon ___!" (French for "My God!") DIEU
"Spare me the details!" TMI
"Time for me to call it a night" IMTIRED
"Today's a no-go for me" ICANT
1950s prez IKE
Aisle or window, e.g SEAT
Annoy VEX
Auction offer BID
Aussie's greeting GDAY
Beyonce-led hit from 2019's "The Lion King" BROWNSKINGIRL
Boat engine's whir THRUM
Bout stoppers, for short TKOS
Boyfriend BEAU
Cafe card MENU
Canadian territory YUKON
CBS police procedural NCIS
Cloud's backdrop SKY
Colorful Apple desktop IMAC
Conceal HIDE
Confessional rock genre EMO
CPR performer EMT
Dubai's land, familiarly UAE
Form W-4 org IRS
Frenzied way to run AMOK
Garden structure SHED
Group of orcas POD
Have plenty of fruits and veggies, say EATWELL
House members, briefly REPS
In the know AWARE
Indian state by the Arabian Sea GOA
Kids like to connect them DOTS
Large-screen movie format IMAX
Lightbulb unit LUMEN
Like some raunchy comedies RATEDR
Lion's hair MANE
Clues Answers
Many posed Instagram shots SELFIES
Mexican foods with shells TACOS
Middle Eastern monarch EMIR
Minus LESS
Neat and orderly TIDY
Nick at Nite episodes RERUNS
Night crawler on a hook, perhaps BAIT
Not at work, say AWAY
Office message MEMO
Passion ARDOR
Pork or ham MEAT
Portray, as a historical event REENACT
Printer purchase INK
Property claim LIEN
Purged (of) RID
Reverberate ECHO
Rihanna hit about a partner thinking of only one thing LOVEONTHEBRAIN
Seized car, briefly REPO
Singer Mann AIMEE
Sings like Tony Bennett CROONS
Slippery fish EEL
Slow ones are sarcastic CLAPS
Solar ___ (roof installation) PANEL
Survivor hit featured in "Rocky III" EYEOFTHETIGER
Take a drag on an e-cig VAPE
Taunt GIBE
Tea, in Hindi CHAI
Thumbs-down votes NAYS
Toni Braxton hit about an anguished ex UNBREAKMYHEART
Toothbrush brand ORALB
Treat to twist OREO
Trip-inducing substance LSD
TV brand RCA
Under ___ (being threatened) DURESS
White with fear ASHEN
You, in the Bible THEE
___ Majesty King Charles III HIS
___ monster (type of lizard) GILA