L.A. Times Daily - Nov 21 2023

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Clues Answers
"Auld Lang __" SYNE
"For the millionth time ... " YETAGAIN
"Frozen" reindeer SVEN
"Levitating" singer Dua __ LIPA
"Pride __ before ... " GOETH
"Shining __": comedy horror series starring Courteney Cox VALE
"That really hurt!" OOF
"That's plenty for me" IMSET
"The Wizard of Oz" dog TOTO
"__ luego" HASTA
*Dude who always pipes up to support a proposed motion? SECONDGENTLEMAN
*Dude who attends every formal dance? BALLBOY
*Dude who knows his ABCs? ALPHAMALE
*Dude who refuses to use even numbers? ODDFELLOW
*Dude whose favorite season is autumn? FALLGUY
Alleviate EASE
Answer an invite, briefly RSVP
At some earlier time ONCE
Band's sound booster AMP
Begged PLED
Businesses: Abbr COS
Candy heart word LUV
Cauliflower unit HEAD
Cover story ALIBI
Cow's mouthful CUD
Dark blue shade NAVY
Defeat thoroughly DRUB
Empty spaces GAPS
Farm division ACRE
Fashion magazine with a French name ELLE
Fawn's mother DOE
Goal for many community college students AADEGREE
HBO teen drama starring Zendaya EUPHORIA
Horse abodes BARNS
Iron __: rust OXIDE
Japanese noodle UDON
Jedi Kenobi OBIWAN
Jumbo suffix TRON
Just one of __ days THOSE
Clues Answers
Kathmandu's country NEPAL
Lab rodent RAT
Lake boat CANOE
Latto's music genre RAP
Leavening agent YEAST
Lets use for now LENDS
Log chopper AXE
Many Omanis ARABS
Mystical glow AURA
Naturally lit courtyards ATRIA
Nile snakes ASPS
North African capital TUNIS
October birthstone OPAL
Out-of-this-world summer program? SPACECAMP
Passed-down stories LORE
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Play-__: kids' clay DOH
President pro __ TEM
Princess "in a galaxy far, far away" LEIA
Quaint "Listen up!" HEARYE
Rd. with a no RTE
Red Muppet ELMO
Repair bill line LABOR
Retired boxer who wrote the cookbook "Food for Life" LAILAALI
Reykjavík language ICELANDIC
Rummage (through) RIFLE
Seaside town structure PIER
Shape of many racetracks OVAL
Shielded from the sun SHADY
Spanish condiment SAL
Spiky succulent ALOE
Strength ASSET
Tied, as sneakers LACED
Tomatoes in marinara sauce ROMAS
Waldorf salad fruit APPLE
Weight HEFT
Winter neck warmer SCARF
Work hard TOIL
__ Vegas Aces LAS