L.A. Times Daily - Nov 20 2023

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Clues Answers
"About time!" ATLAST
"The Fox and the Crow" storyteller AESOP
"Xanadu" band, familiarly ELO
"Yeah, I totally believe you" OHSURE
"__ a dark and stormy night ... " ITWAS
"__, Brute?" ETTU
*Field of expertise for corporate attorneys BUSINESSLAW
*Good find for a traveler on a budget CHEAPFLIGHT
*Primate passenger on a rocket ship SPACEMONKEY
*Result of a hockey penalty, often POWERPLAY
40-Down doc VET
62-Across contributor RATER
Antelope's playmate on the range, in song DEER
Attire for a lazy Saturday ROBE
Aunt, in Spanish TIA
Baseball hats CAPS
Board, as a bus GETON
Class for some HS juniors ACTPREP
Clean water org EPA
Curvy letter ESS
DDE's WWII command ETO
Deep divides CHASMS
Dorothy and Toto creator L. Frank __ BAUM
Etc. kin ETAL
Ethyl __: nail polish remover option ACETATE
Falling-out between friends RIFT
Fellows MEN
Furry friend PET
Garments with underwires BRAS
Gas, to a Brit PETROL
Georgia's state fruit PEACH
Get too old AGEOUT
GPS lines RDS
Had a meal ATE
Hairstyles COIFS
Hands raised in support, say YEAVOTES
Heavy shoe BROGAN
Clues Answers
Helpful inset in some video games MAP
High-pitched cry EEK
High-speed Amtrak trains ACELAS
Italian playhouse TEATRO
Kite dangler TAIL
Laundry cycle for a tough stain PRESOAK
Like some charity golf tourneys PROAM
Mary, Queen of __ SCOTS
Molelike mammals SHREWS
Moody music genre EMO
Mop (up), as gravy SOP
Nursery arrivals NEWBORNS
One part in a hundred PERCENT
Piece of carry-on luggage, and what the answer to each starred clue literally is TWOSUITER
Protected, at sea ALEE
Repair, as torn clothes MEND
Restaurant review app YELP
Retired fliers: Abbr SSTS
Sam Smith's "__ Me Down" LAY
Scout unit TROOP
Serve a meal to FEED
Sip slowly NURSE
Soften, as butter MELT
Softhearted GENTLE
Some govt. leaders PMS
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Spanish "other" OTRA
Starlike flowers ASTERS
Tehran inhabitant IRANI
TNT sister station TBS
Tolstoy's "__ Karenina" ANNA
Tom Cruise film with a "Maverick" sequel TOPGUN
Vegan protein source BEANS
Wolfe of fiction NERO
Worrisome engine sound RATTLE