L.A. Times Daily - Nov 19 2023

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Clues Answers
"Amen to that!" IAGREE
"Anything __?" ELSE
"Clever you" TOUCHE
"Exodus" novelist Leon URIS
"Kapow!" BAM
"On a ... " poems ODES
"Stay With Me" singer Smith SAM
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" composer Danny ELFMAN
"__ there, done that" BEEN
3-Down novelist McEwan IAN
Acid __ TEST
Actress Ward SELA
Any of the Rockies: Abbr MTN
Apostle of Ireland, for short STPAT
Arctic hazards BERGS
Atlanta pitcher Kirby YATES
Baseball deal TRADE
Big-screen format IMAX
Bleating sounds MAAS
Booker Prize-shortlisted novel made into a film starring Keira Knightley ATONEMENT
Booty LOOT
Botanical balm ALOE
Burlap bag SACK
Caged copycat PARROT
Casts a ballot VOTES
Cavaliers sch UVA
Census datum SEX
Charlie Parker's instrument ALTOSAX
Chocolaty coffee MOCHA
Classic mint brand CERTS
Close by NEAR
Colorado ski spot ASPEN
Colorado's __ Verde National Park MESA
Comfy and cozy SNUG
Contract adverb HERETO
Course for college-bound HS students SATPREP
Deli device SLICER
Desilu co-founder ARNAZ
Dines SUPS
Director Preminger OTTO
Doesn't use scissors TEARS
Dorm areas for hanging out COMMONROOMS
Downright nasty MEAN
Droid BOT
Dynamism ELAN
Each and every ALL
Energized anew REBORN
Fill-in at an office TEMP
Former Seattle team, familiarly SONICS
Fries or slaw SIDE
Get more out of RECYCLE
Girl who cannot be trusted to hold the football for Charlie Brown LUCY
Goes on to say ADDS
Google oneself, perhaps EGOSURF
Great flood protagonist NOAH
Grew molars, say TEETHED
Grover's predecessor CHESTER
H-Town pro STRO
Hearing things EARS
Hindu spring festival HOLI
Hosp. areas ORS
Intimate HINTAT
Invisible UNSEEN
Islamic mystic SUFI
Just about ALMOST
Legendary Paul BUNYAN
Little bit ATAD
Log-shaped pastry ECLAIR
Magic word PRESTO
Make a difference MATTER
Make money EARN
Clues Answers
Many execs MBAS
MC's need MIC
Med school subj ANAT
MMA calls KOS
Moral code ETHIC
NBA official REF
Nonprofit URL ender ORG
Normandy river ORNE
Notable period ERA
Number of Grammy Awards won by Dolly Parton TEN
Number of Powerpuff Girls THREE
Observed Ramadan, say FASTED
Omelet skillet EGGPAN
On a cruise ATSEA
Org. with badges BSA
Pamplona bulls TOROS
Parkway sign EXIT
Pasta __ Norma ALLA
Pelvic bones ILIA
Pharmaceutical giant __ Lilly ELI
Pie crust ingredient LARD
Prefix with thermic EXO
Prepare for a comeback tour REUNITE
Prince in "The Little Mermaid" ERIC
Qatar's capital DOHA
Question of evidence BASEDONWHAT
Question of identity WHO
Radio City Music Hall style ARTDECO
Rapper Dr. __ DRE
Reproductive cells OVA
Resident of Japan's third largest city OSAKAN
Sandal feature OPENTOE
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Shirley Temple garnish CHERRY
Shorten, as a skirt HEM
Skin soother SALVE
Small part for a big name, often CAMEOROLE
Some flower girl candidates NIECES
Spooky EERIE
Stick (out) JUT
Struggling to stay awake SLEEPY
Stuck in __ ARUT
Successful show letters SRO
Supersized sandwich HERO
Throw at TOSSTO
Thrown in EXTRA
Thumbs-up YES
Tide type NEAP
Tiny organism MICROBE
Tip from a gym teacher about how to win at tug-of-war? PULLITTOGETHER
Tip from a history teacher about how to study WWII? CHOOSEONESBATTLES
Tip from a math teacher about working with squares and cubes? REMEMBERYOURROOTS
Tip from an accounting teacher about calculating profits and losses? FINDTHERIGHTBALANCE
Tip from an astronomy teacher about how to set up telescopes? AIMFORTHESTARS
Tip from an English teacher about the editing process? MAKEALONGSTORYSHORT
Travel without a destination ROAM
Truly hopeless ABJECT
Unleash upon LETAT
Unreturned tennis serve ACE
Unseat OUST
Venezia's land ITALIA
Went fast SPED
Western treaty gp OAS
Wool clippers SHEARS
Word with corn or matzo MEAL
World Cup cheer OLE
Writer LeShan EDA
__ card: smartphone need SIM
__ the pot STIR