The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,237 - Nov 5 2023

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Clues Answers
Audio equipment these days not half complicated HEADSET
Author's novel I read with scowl OSCARWILDE
Bond with expert, excessive PROFUSE
Cosmetic OK in woad, he gathered EYESHADOW
Country invested in trouble so thoroughly! LESOTHO
Desire new shirt and trousers, primarily THIRST
Drain ear after first of piercings PLUGHOLE
Expression of puzzlement in torture with love HELLO
Flexible masseur? RUBBER
Focus on location, fair SPOTLIGHT
Gravy: what might one dip in it? BREAD
Her pilot worked out where aircraft should land HELIPORT
Mr Oates, flawed genius MAESTRO
Obtain tinsel for decoration ENLIST
Official language MANDARIN
Clues Answers
One of those downtrodden by the privileged few? REDCARPET
Plant in midst of minor blaze INFERNO
Politician on road to reverse decay DRYROT
Porridge in vessels, lid off OATS
Pub welcoming old pig BOAR
Religious official cut meat RABBI
Shots fired from vessel, not well protected ARTILLERY
Stick valve on top of engine TAPE
Stop baseball team on the rise STEM
Team player writing extra note about party FOOTBALLER
The brief line for cast THROW
Treetop needing surgery, a little work OPERETTA
Unpredictable on-the-spot layout -- is it? PENALTYSHOOTOUT
Very poor, save more? USELESS