The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,460 - Nov 17 2023

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Clues Answers
... not welcome here? ISLEOFMAN
Announced paired couples, part of dance ensemble TUTU
Anthem is taken lyrically partly the wrong way MISTAKENLY
Cancel Tyneside opening NEGATE
Cowboys went galloping, with half-hearted applause RANCHERS
Day getting behind instead of having a routine DREARY
Detectives arresting a large number about driving DYNAMIC
Discussed coaching contracts LESSENS
Dope sits on middle of road somewhere in Italy GENOA
Drink, awfully big and green, set before Queen GINGERBEER
Duck stuffing belongs to cook, to go with English sauce BOLOGNESE
Food delivered by hired cab -- bag extra REDCABBAGE
Increase in clubs needing member's support CLIMB
Lawyer's clothing BRIEFS
Clues Answers
Nasty mix of fuels found around coalmine? SPITEFUL
Oral stimulants that get the team going? PEPTALKS
Party and gin fizzes after a promotion CAMPAIGN
Regularly visited Andes via a drab desert area NEVADA
Rejected cheque for unsafe delivery? BOUNCER
Special time? I'll make up a rhyme POETLAUREATE
Sprightly, making westward part of journey in southern sea AGELESS
Strange visions of upsets coming between us UFOS
Swamp I sense may get sticky GLUTINOUS
Talented, topped chart ABLE
Total pleasure, hosting 50s bash FULLBLOWN
Trickery needed? Get Rufus and be tickled! SUBTERFUGE
Uncle Sam, for instance, rejected convention USAGE
Walk in quiet city with abbey but no bishop PATH
Where we rank books without leading characters. 'Little Women' maybe ... ELVES