The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,167 - Nov 16 2023

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Clues Answers
Clear the nude's mostly clay EARTHEN
Cloudy and close keeping light, almost NEBULAR
Company adopting revolutionary doctrine CREDO
Debauchery for every type PERVERSION
Displays sweetheart plants outside cottage's front EVINCES
Dresses delivered boring look, sent back ENROBES
Escape, possibly, is lawful LEGIT
Former cubicle on hospital department cracking EXCELLENT
Fruit variety with tremendous skin ORANGES
Game over and cut up POLO
Jargon, unlimited jargon before chat's conclusion ARGOT
Kill time, say, disheartened ERADICATE
Liaison from date, not missing love AGENT
Mild expletive upset celebrity STAR
Nearly time, left in student disco NIGHTCLUB
Clues Answers
One searches flower containing cotton, oddly PROSPECTOR
Open stove topping hollow pastry dish AGAPE
Petitioning monarch to uphold bishop's place SEEKING
Prevent gut practically, getting gym equipment BARBELL
Reportedly spoils instrument LUTE
Setting up shop? ESTABLISHMENT
Smiling primarily, except when gloomy SUNLESS
Some media covering party bias PREPOSSESS
Something preferred as digging equipment, initially SPADE
Spoiling wedding losing pageboy finally MARRING
Stern about matter with Republican official REGISTRAR
Survives flipping flashy jewellery for brother? SIBLING
Uncaring behind bars admitting criminal charge INCONSIDERATE
Unpleasant noise from snake trailing Queen RASP
Whimpers on a ledge catching cold IMPERSONAL