Universal - Nov 16 2023

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Clues Answers
"Beats me!" IDUNNO
"Can't ___ with that!" ARGUE
"Open wide, patient!" SAYAH
"We go way ___" BACK
"Why ___ the chicken ..." DID
"___ a Woman" (Beatles song) SHES
"___ Karenina" (novel with the line, "If you look for perfection, you'll never be content") ANNA
"___ Quixote" DON
100:1, e.g ODDS
Abhorred cross-country event? DETESTEDRUN
Actress Moran ERIN
Align, informally SYNC
American marsupial ... with or without its first letter OPOSSUM
Apt letters missing from "dete_i_ra_e" ROT
Arm bone ULNA
Before the bell EARLY
Bonkers NUTSO
Cake decorator's supply ICING
Channel offering bargains HSN
Cholesterol-reducing drugs STATINS
Church recess APSE
Clenched hand FIST
Corn serving EAR
Cousin's father, for short UNC
Cover with cloth DRAPE
Dazzled feeling AWE
Deep cut GASH
Desktop that may run Ventura IMAC
Distracted the hen at a crucial moment? DELAYEDANEGG
Eagles' nests AERIES
Elizabethan period ERA
Embroidered, e.g SEWN
End of a threat ELSE
European peak ALP
Fearful feeling DREAD
Friend, in Dijon AMIE
Hair-protecting cloth DURAG
Hard to come by RARE
Clues Answers
Intensify HEATUP
It isn't true! LIE
Jazz singer Jones ETTA
Jousters' mounts STEEDS
Kings and queens, but not jacks BEDS
Listed an adhesive product as a work-related expense? DEDUCTEDTAPE
Magazine VIPs EDS
Major predicament SNAFU
Male honeybee DRONE
Nickname similar to Theo TEDDY
Not abridged UNCUT
Not duped by ONTO
Not just any THE
Oboist's need REED
One of five in "King Lear" ACT
Panang curry's cuisine THAI
Part of a photorealistic bird drawing? DETAILEDFEATHER
Peaceful moment LULL
Played like a fiddle USED
Poorly made CRUDDY
Prospector's finds ORES
Says "Woo-hoo!" CHEERS
Sensitive ... or a piece of chicken TENDER
Sonnet writer POET
Title for Gawain or Galahad SIR
Tokyo or Tulsa CITY
Transit annoyance? DETOUREDBUS
Tristate ___ AREA
Turn orange, say DYE
Uno de siete en una semana DIA
Use an ottoman SIT
Wedding walkway AISLE
Weld together FUSE
What dark clouds foreshadow STORM
Where an RN may work ICU
Willing and ___ ABLE
Word after "first" or "visual" AID
Works, as clay KNEADS
___ ratio (TV screen metric) ASPECT