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Clues Answers
"El —" (1961 epic film) CID
"Fancy —!" THAT
"Gigi" studio MGM
"It's nobody — business" ELSES
"OB-viously!" DUH
"So chic!" OOHLALA
"State Fair" actor Ayres LEW
"Time to ride the waves!" SURFSUP
"Who — thunk it?!" WOULDA
"You played well!" GOODGAME
1996 presidential hopeful Bob DORNAN
Abbr. on a navy vessel USS
Actress Long NIA
Affliction for some war vets PTSD
Album's first half SIDEA
Allergic outbursts SNEEZES
Anomalous ABNORMAL
Ariel's planet URANUS
Back spot for a rider REARSEAT
Beat in a mano-a-mano OUTDUEL
Best Picture of 1997 TITANIC
Best Picture of 2012 ARGO
Big shindig BASH
Bit of salt GRAIN
Boise loc IDA
Brand of coolers IGLOO
Cantina pot OLLA
Clip- — (some ties) ONS
Comedian in Lesotho's capital? MASERUAMUSER
Country south of Braz URU
Creator of Tom Sawyer TWAIN
Creature in the Philippines' capital? MANILAANIMAL
Deer relative ELK
Deli staple BLT
Detect SENSE
Doc's Rx MED
Doughnut-shaped TORIC
Drivers' org AAA
Dutch cheese GOUDA
Ending for schnozz OLA
Ewoks' forest moon ENDOR
Experienced via another person VICARIOUS
Fahrenheit alternative CELSIUS
Female goat DOE
Feudal lords in Greece's capital? ATHENSTHANES
Feudal toiler SERF
Fiduciary figure TRUSTEE
Fills the lungs INHALES
Final inning, usually NINTH
Final: Abbr ULT
Flared dress ALINE
Fond du —, Wisconsin LAC
Former British prime minister Benjamin DISRAELI
Geronimo or Cochise APACHE
Golfer Hale IRWIN
Gussies up PREENS
Gym sweatboxes in the Bahamas' capital? NASSAUSAUNAS
Harper of "No Country for Old Men" TESS
Has to have NEEDS
Horse-drawn carriage in Angola's capital? LUANDALANDAU
Hot wax may be a part of it CARWASH
Ill-suited INAPT
Insect's egg capsule OVISAC
Intimate chat ONEONONE
Island south of Sicily MALTA
Jamaican music genre SKA
Kimono sash OBI
Kin of -ette ESS
Knot on a tree branch GNARL
Letter before epsilon DELTA
Letter before upsilon TAU
Clues Answers
Libyan port TRIPOLI
Like a desert ARID
Like a desert DRY
Like charged atoms IONIC
Like horses offered for breeding ATSTUD
Like Lowell's "day in June" SORARE
Lime drink ADE
Madrid's land, to its natives ESPANA
Massey of old movies ILONA
Melodramatic STAGY
Method: Abbr SYS
Mexican meat dishes TAMALES
Mineo of old movies SAL
Modify AMEND
Morse click DIT
Moves with a rustling sound SWISHES
MSNBC anchor Cabrera ANA
Mud bath site SPA
N.J. hours EST
Narratives TALES
Nobelist Root ELIHU
Not flabby TONED
Olympic swimmer Tom DOLAN
Palace area for women HAREM
Paper VIPs EDS
Past due LATE
Pear variety BOSC
Petri dish site LAB
Pleasantly pungent PIQUANT
Pluralized -y, often IES
Pollen-bearing organ from a flower in Iran's capital? TEHRANANTHER
Popular beer from Japan ASAHI
Prez Roosevelt TEDDY
Primitive-based kind of diet PALEO
Privy to INON
Public square in Bolivia's capital? LAPAZPLAZA
Releases from one's grasp UNHANDS
Removes some rodents DERATS
Ring thrown at a peg in Ecuador's capital? QUITOQUOIT
Rove (about) GAD
Said "OK" to silently NODDEDAT
Says "OK" to ACCEPTS
Scarlet bird TANAGER
Showed up at CAMETO
Singer Chris REA
Skating couples in France's capital? PARISPAIRS
Slogan MOTTO
Small parasite in South Korea's capital? SEOULLOUSE
Snarky laugh HEH
Sobieski of the screen LEELEE
Solitary ALONE
Stately home MANOR
String after P QRS
Striped stinkers SKUNKS
Swiss peak ALP
Tabby not leaving the house INDOORCAT
Target of the Salk vaccine POLIO
The second "S" of KISS STUPID
They often precede verbs NOUNS
Timber tool ADZ
TV captain Jean- — Picard LUC
Vietnamese holiday TET
Voting "no" ANTI
Website ID URL
Workforce newcomer HIREE
— Baba ALI
— Fridays (eatery chain) TGI
— Lanka SRI
— Plaines DES
— roll (hot) ONA