L.A. Times Daily - Nov 14 2023

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Clues Answers
"Best in Show" animal DOG
"Bye Bye Bye" boy band NSYNC
"Hard pass" ITSANO
"Tag, __ it!" YOURE
"World of Dance" judge, to fans JLO
*Device that crushes pungent cloves GARLICPRESS
*Go swimming in one's birthday suit SKINNYDIP
*Perm style popular in the 1980s and early 1990s JHERICURL
*Very little, informally DIDDLYSQUAT
1950s political monogram DDE
<< on a remote: Abbr REW
Actress Anita of "La Dolce Vita" EKBERG
Apple AirPod, e.g EARBUD
Arouse, as interest PIQUE
Astronaut Ochoa who was the first Latina in space ELLEN
Author Rand AYN
Barrister's field LAW
Bear hands PAWS
Betting numbers ODDS
Bivalve in a bed OYSTER
Bookmarked link URL
Bungle MISDO
Come to a satisfying conclusion, and what the answer to each starred clue literally has WORKOUTINTHEEND
Constellation bear URSA
Distress call SOS
Domino dimple PIP
Drive-__ window THRU
Exactly right SPOTON
Flexible blackjack card ACE
Golfer's gouge DIVOT
Hip-hop producer Gotti IRV
Hoppy brew letters IPA
Includes on an email CCS
Invite (to) ASK
Jackie O's son JFKJR
Journalist Katie who guest-hosted "Jeopardy!" in 2021 COURIC
Less of a mess NEATER
Letters accompanying college apps RECS
Clues Answers
Load to bear ONUS
Make a minister ORDAIN
Maker of Calm + Restore skin care products AVEENO
Milky white gem OPAL
Native people of Colorado UTE
Occupied INUSE
Olympic sword EPEE
P-like Greek letter RHO
Prof's assistants TAS
PTA meeting place SCH
Puts on DONS
Qatari leader EMIR
Rapper Lil Uzi __ VERT
Rossini composition OPERA
Scandinavian language, to its speakers NORSK
Sci. course BIO
Sedan, e.g CAR
Selassie of Ethiopia HAILE
Shared values ETHOS
Sheep sound BAA
Some coll. degrees BSS
Stand against OPPOSE
Storm-tracking aid RADAR
Sun block? CLOUD
Tehran's land IRAN
Threesome TRIO
Trash-talking types HATERS
Unlock, in verse OPE
Use a broom SWEEP
Vampire teeth FANGS
Video game pioneer ATARI
Wild guess STAB
Writing movement rooted in internet culture ALTLIT
Yahtzee cubes DICE
Yellowstone grazers ELKS
Yeshiva leader REBBE
__ deco ART
__ pants: warm-weather wear CAPRI