L.A. Times Daily - Nov 10 2023

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Clues Answers
"¡Dios mío!" AYCARAMBA
"Cripes!" DRAT
"Don't reckon so" NAW
"Let You Love Me" singer Rita ORA
"No broken bones!" IMOK
Actress Tyler LIV
Amtrak service that caters to business travelers ACELA
At a distance FAR
Barbie, bush telly, choccy biccy, etc.? BACKTALK
Bathroom rug MAT
Benatar in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame PAT
Bowls over STUNS
Brouhaha ADO
Compete in a hybrid winter sport PARASKI
Contacted with a click EMAILED
Cooks in a bamboo basket STEAMS
Crown, scepter, and ermine robe? FITFORAKING
Demo stuff TNT
Div. of the Blue Jays and the Rays ALEAST
Emphatic denial ISAIDNO
Excluded, and what 18-, 22-, 38-, and 56-Across need to match their clues? LEFTOUT
Fall Out Boy genre EMO
Fiddle stick BOW
Fleming and Orwell's school ETON
Former JFK flyer TWA
Fossey subject APE
Genesis maker SEGA
Go after, in a way SUE
Gofer's task CHORE
Grafton's "__ for Fugitive" FIS
Grocery section DELI
Has no use for DETESTS
Hockey gear SKATES
Home of the Muscat Gate Museum OMAN
Horse noise SNORT
Hosp. triage expert ERNURSE
Humors MOODS
Key next to F1 ESC
Clues Answers
Killer whales ORCAS
Large Central American reptile CAIMAN
Make (out) EKE
National park on the Maine coast ACADIA
No. cruncher CPA
Oft-redacted ID SSN
One of the only two South American countries that doesn't border Brazil ECUADOR
Ornate garden pot URN
Oval-shaped instrument OCARINA
Photo __ OPS
Pillow filling bought at wholesale? LETDOWN
Separate by type ASSORT
Share a course? COTEACH
Signed in pen INKED
Silences with a button MUTES
Some govt. lawyers DAS
Sound engineer's slider FADER
Specialized session of baseball practice? FIELDDAY
Starship Enterprise letters NCC
Stashed away CACHED
Stopped at the door, perhaps CARDED
Tabloid RAG
Tartar sauce ingredient CAPERS
TiVo antecedent VCR
Tots up ADDS
Uncomfortable situation HOTSEAT
Univ. donor type ONEG
Unusual ODD
Ushered LEDIN
Vegetable soup bit PEA
View from much of U.S. Highway 101 PACIFIC
Water stopper DAM
West Coast luggage tag letters SFO
When Lear divides his kingdom ACTI
Writer Levin IRA
Yukon XL maker GMC
__ Dhabi ABU