The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,453 - Nov 9 2023

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Clues Answers
A nice, pure spread supplying gourmet EPICUREAN
Can, perhaps, with old sauce MAYO
Comparatively spicy foreign port TANGIER
Condescending, possessing small cunning DESIGNING
Dairy product from European cow, say EDAM
Dark end of dead end DREAR
Denial admitting good person is obscene NASTY
Drop in church saint conversions CHANGES
Extra seconds showing manners MORES
Feel extreme anxiety rising, initially FEAR
Fluff admitted by criminal American president CLINTON
German city Cologne cleared for perfume ESSENCE
Good in nude displaying craft BARGE
Luxury car plant LOTUS
Man on tube line turning indecent UNMENTIONABLE
Clues Answers
More futile English politician leading bank EMPTIER
Occasionally indulged unemployed IDLE
Organiser oddly paler welcoming Queen PLANNER
Outfit conquers sweetheart in double time TWINSET
Painter pretending to cover render INTERPRET
Pastries following joint for flower children HIPPIES
Queen energy new in record soon ERELONG
Sad deranged idiot, snapping DISAPPOINTING
Sort copper out? One possibly does PROSPECTOR
Stock's quality about right for soup MINESTRONE
Strangely rum end with free vote REFERENDUM
Swimming round catching fish REELING
Tedium encapsulated by outspoken nuisance ENNUI
This compiler's rank keeping style excessive IMMODERATE
Unrivalled learner in dull board game MATCHLESS