L.A. Times Daily - Nov 9 2023

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Clues Answers
"Almost done!" ONETOGO
"Citizen __" KANE
"Criminal Minds" org FBI
"Ideas worth spreading" offshoot TEDX
"Othello" plotter IAGO
"Sister Outsider" writer Audre LORDE
"That so?" ISIT
"While" prefix ERST
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on FIBONACCISERIES
17-syllable work HAIKU
3-Down, for one POET
Art hub in New Mexico TAOS
Athletic type JOCK
Attachment at the front of a sloop, e.g HEADSAIL
Balkan native SERB
Before, once ERE
Bit of static buildup ION
Bring on INCUR
Bronze element TIN
Camping apparel retailer REI
Capital of Libya, and a phonetic hint to a feature of this puzzle's four longest answers TRIPOLI
Coin with a torch DIME
Command attributed to Captain Kirk BEAMMEUPSCOTTY
Comparable (to) AKIN
Copyright page ID ISBN
Destructive wave TSUNAMI
Doesn't just want NEEDS
Dwell (on) RUMINATE
Enjoys hot tea, say SIPS
Farthest back REARMOST
Fetch player DOG
Food truck fare TACOS
Gave one's word SWORE
Goes over one's head? FLIPS
Good place to keep things on ice? RINK
Clues Answers
Home to more than half of the world's population ASIA
Homer's neighbor NED
Image on the Connecticut state quarter OAKTREE
In __ parentis LOCO
Keyboard pro TYPIST
Larger relatives of violas CELLI
Less occupied IDLER
Lukewarm TEPID
Megan Rapinoe's team: Abbr USA
Mimic APER
Mischief-maker ELF
Narrow inlet RIA
Nerdy type DWEEB
Nest egg letters IRA
New Haven collegian ELI
Office contact no EXT
Org. concerned with climate change EPA
Overused TRITE
Positive responses YESES
Program opened with a tap APP
Purse BAG
Rare game show outcome TIE
Receiving area BAY
Rogue artificial intelligence system in "The Terminator" SKYNET
Rough, as a translation LOOSE
Roundabout INDIRECT
Sing like a bird TRILL
Soccer official REF
Speak for oneself? BRAG
Sport played on horseback POLO
Swinton in many Wes Anderson films TILDA
Taj Mahal builder __ Jahan SHAH
Train unit CAR
Urgent request PLEA
__ Arbor, Michigan ANN
__ out a living EKES