Universal - Nov 8 2023

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Clues Answers
"For sure!" YEP
"I have to know!" TELLME
"Just move on" LETITGO
"Sorry, too busy" (In this clue's answer, note the last 3 letters + the first 3 of 21-Across) ICANT
"Tell me how you really feel!" SAYIT
"We ___ please" AIMTO
"___ we alone?" ARE
911 responder, for short EMT
Actress Lena OLIN
Apt to snap TESTY
Canon line of SLR cameras EOS
Cask material OAK
Catch some z's NAP
China collections TEASETS
Coloring agent DYE
Conspiratorial group (... last 3 + the first 3 of 39-Across) CABAL
Cosmo, e.g MAG
Court pledge OATH
Creative field ART
Dr. Jill Biden, ___ Jacobs NEE
Edge in fashion HEMLINE
Feature of desert air DRYHEAT
Folklore meanies OGRES
Fury IRE
Gave out cards DEALT
Goes for eagerly LEAPSAT
Gymnast Raisman ALY
Hand-to-hand fighting COMBAT
Has every intention of PLANSTO
Holler YELL
Home of India and Indonesia ASIA
Hospital ctrs ERS
It's a plus ASSET
It's the limit, some say SKY
Joke target BUTT
Mary ___ (cosmetics brand) KAY
Maytag alternative AMANA
Middle Eastern fruit FIG
More, in Managua MAS
Nabisco wafer brand NILLA
Clues Answers
New Orleans nickname BIGEASY
Occupied a seat SAT
On/___ switch OFF
Opening poker bet ANTE
Organ used to enjoy organs EAR
Parts of necks NAPES
Paving material TAR
Performances that may end on a high note? OPERAS
Pine relative LARCH
Place to say "I do" ALTAR
PreCheck org TSA
Pub product ALE
Punk rock subgenre EMO
Put the pedal to the metal (... last 3 + the first 2 of 33-Across) FLOOREDIT
Regions AREAS
Reservoir creator DAM
Rewards for good doggos TREATS
Savor a compliment EATITUP
Sch. in Houston TSU
See 51-Across SONGS
Shade source TREE
Silent approval NOD
Snuggled up NESTLED
Sporting setting ARENA
Stable grains OATS
Startled ALARMED
Styled after ALA
Suffer AIL
Sultanate on the Persian Gulf OMAN
Swim-bike-run contest, informally TRI
This clu has twu TYPOS
Top with a feminine cut LADIESTEE
Tournament passes BYES
Try to prevent DETER
Type of exam ORAL
Very minor celebrity DLISTER
With 54-Across, sad tunes ... and a hint to the indicated letters BREAKUP
Zippo NADA
___ dish (lab container) PETRI