L.A. Times Daily - Nov 6 2023

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Clues Answers
"Finding Nemo" kid who scares the fish DARLA
"If all __ fails ... " ELSE
"Kate & __": 1980s sitcom ALLIE
"My thought is ... " IASSUME
"On my way!" text, maybe LIE
"You're killing me, __!": line from "The Sandlot" SMALLS
Agonize (over) FRET
Another name for the Roman god Cupid AMOR
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Brief moment SEC
Britons and Gaels CELTS
Caffè Americano base ESPRESSO
Caustic remark BARB
Choir voice below soprano ALTO
Civil rights icon Parks whose actions inspired a bus boycott ROSA
Commodity from abroad IMPORT
Compañeras AMIGAS
Counterparts of sororities, for short FRATS
Early TV brand RCA
Fair to middling SOSO
Fill in, as a lawn bare spot RESOD
Finish, as cupcakes FROST
Fireplace leftovers ASHES
Good Grips gadget brand OXO
GPS app on iPhones MAPS
Guide that can become the outline for a meeting's minutes AGENDA
Hale and hearty STRONG
Heartburn remedy ANTACID
Investor who has shares in a company STOCKHOLDER
Jocelyn Alo's sport SOFTBALL
Keyboard sound CLACK
Knightley's "Pirates of the Caribbean" role SWANN
Lacking vigor ANEMIC
Lagunitas Brewing Co. specialty IPA
Leave alone LETBE
Clues Answers
Little guy LAD
Mail that doesn't need an envelope, and where both words of 12-, 20-, 34-, and 51-Across can be found? POSTCARD
Many a corporate decision-maker BOARDMEMBER
Marlon of "On the Waterfront" BRANDO
Menu option in a file manager RENAME
Mil. category NCO
NFL official REF
One from Athens GREEK
Opera highlight ARIA
Overly agreeable guy YESMAN
Pet dander, for one ALLERGEN
Place in a house where one might find a cue or Clue GAMEROOM
Plunders LOOTS
Precise EXACT
Printer smudge BLOT
Public health agcy CDC
Reduced by LESS
Regarding ASTO
Round-bottomed cookware WOK
Ruckus DIN
Runs water over RINSES
Sault __ Marie STE
School URL part EDU
Seating chart designation TABLENUMBER
Sherlock's sister, per two Netflix films ENOLA
Singer McEntire REBA
Social standards NORMS
Spanish Mrs SRA
Spherical GLOBULAR
Starts a poker pot ANTES
Stewie's teddy bear on "Family Guy" RUPERT
Thigh bone FEMUR
Top-notch ELITE
Wither away ROT
Yin and __ YANG
__ Lingus: Irish carrier AER