L.A. Times Daily - Nov 3 2023

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Clues Answers
"¡Mi hombre!" AMIGO
"Boola Boola" collegian ELI
"I __ to say it, but ... " HATE
"Is that my cue?" AMION
"Lonely Planet" recommendation HOSTEL
"Pow!" BAM
"u crack me up" ROTFL
"Well, hey there!" OHHI
"Woman With a Parasol" painter Claude MONET
Acrobatic AGILE
Actress Bening ANNETTE
Added panache, as was done three times in this puzzle? ZHUZHEDITUP
Alt-rock band Better Than __ EZRA
Aquarium growth ALGA
Askew OFF
At hand NIGH
Battle hymn? SIEGESHANTY
Beyoncé's "Cadillac Records" role ETTA
Big bother ADO
Bow (out) OPT
Collages of songs MEDLEYS
Comets, to some OMENS
Common name of Taxus baccata YEW
Copa locale RIO
Disheveled do MOP
Domed hall ROTUNDA
Don rose-colored glasses? ROUGETHEDAY
Farmer's tan? BEIGEOFPIGS
Gently stroke PET
Go downhill SLIDE
Green gp PGA
Hard to handle HEAVY
High-and-mighty sort SNOB
High-and-mighty sort ELITIST
Ill. neighbor IND
Initials in the news UPI
JFK-to-Tokyo carrier ANA
Joins the big leagues GOESPRO
Clues Answers
Like many state mottoes INLATIN
Like some opposites POLAR
Make a fast stop? EAT
Manuscript sheet FOLIO
Menagerie ZOO
Not bold SHY
Not us THEM
One handing out cigars in a waiting room, perhaps PROUDPAPA
Only fair SOSO
Org. with complex schedules IRS
Org. with Thunder and Heat NBA
Orser's rival in the "Battle of the Brians" at the 1988 Winter Olympics BOITANO
PD advisory APB
Penny-pinching FRUGAL
Piehole GULLET
Pinch NAB
Poetic adverb EER
Purple Heart recipients WARHEROES
Rapper Kendrick who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 LAMAR
Regulation that restricts discussion GAGRULE
Relaxed sounds AHS
Representative AGENT
Retail channel HSN
Save for later STASH
Scott of "Severance" ADAM
Seized items REPOS
Shaggy ox YAK
Single ONE
Skewer SPIT
Some NIH grant recipients MDS
Square root of nueve TRES
Stay longer than OUTLAST
Stock room? PEN
Title for Andy Murray SIR
Up to the task ABLE
Warmup time PREGAME
Winner's gesture VSIGN