Universal - Nov 3 2023

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Clues Answers
"Big Mouth" girl voiced by Nick Kroll LOLA
"Get it?" SEE
"Gosh!" MAN
"Hamilton" opening ACTI
"I'll turn this car ___!" AROUND
"Shameful!" sounds TSKS
"That's gotta ___!" HURT
"___ habits die hard" OLD
"___ Kills Monsters" (play) SHE
AccuStrike blaster brand NERF
Actress Espinosa EDEN
Alpamayo's mountain range ANDES
Artsy Salvador DALI
Balm that's 75% vowels ALOE
Bar ___ (Jewish rite) MITZVAH
Body spray brand AXE
Capitale d'Italia ROMA
Car rental brand HERTZ
Certain midsize sedans ACCORDS
Clownfish of film NEMO
Cryptographer's device DECODER
Cute ___ button ASA
Dip ... or dance that involves dipping SALSA
Dishcloths RAGS
DJ's version of a song REMIX
Duck found backward in "ingredients" EIDER
Eldest HS students SRS
Farm vehicle TRACTOR
Female spider's pouch EGGSAC
Film noir hats FEDORAS
Flavor enhancer in many canned soups YEASTEXTRACT
Full theater initials SRO
Gazed at EYED
Gene mutation ALLELE
Gladiator's venue ARENA
Got up AROSE
Greet someone wordlessly WAVEHI
Helpful OFUSE
Hercules, to Jupiter SON
Clues Answers
Letter after eta THETA
Long black vehicle HEARSE
Love, in Le Havre AMOUR
Many a univ. donor ALUM
More expansive VASTER
Most actresses named Kathryn don't drive 43-Down, but .. HONDAS
Most comedians named Jimmy didn't 5-Down, but .. CARDED
Most late-night hosts named Bill wouldn't consume 4-Down, but .. MARMITE
Most politicians named Al wouldn't partake in 23-Down, but .. GOURMET
Nibble like a mouse GNAW
North Carolina college ELON
Not likely to catch feelings, briefly ARO
Not trans CIS
Part of the Converse logo STAR
Personal hero IDOL
Pirates' yeses AYES
Place to park LOT
Prepare to photograph AIMAT
Protection, or Zeus's shield AEGIS
Rat (on) TELL
Remote business: Abbr WFH
Resist, like gravity DEFY
Rx prescribers DRS
Sexy guy STUD
Showed off one's muscles FLEXED
Sit back? TIS
Spanish for "that" ESA
Tattoo liquids INKS
Texter's "I think ..." IMO
The Used genre EMO
Upscale eating experience FORMALDINING
Verify a clubber's age CHECKID
Verizon offering FIOS
White heron EGRET
Woody Guthrie genre FOLK
www.cornell.___ EDU
___ Bradley (handbag brand) VERA
___ of traffic FLOW