Wall Street Journal - Mar 4 2011 - March 4, 2011 - Memoirs

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Clues Answers
'Gotta go!' IMOFF
'Happy Motoring' company ESSO
'How ___ the little crocodile...': Carroll DOTH
'I'd hate to break up ___' ASET
'In a minute' NOTYET
'Mourning Becomes Electra' brother ORIN
'My Heart Laid Bare' writer OATES
'The Party's Over' composer STYNE
'This Is Spinal Tap,' e.g. SATIRE
'When pigs fly!' NEVER
'Who's there?' answer ITSI
'You can't be serious!' NOWAY
2011 Australian Open champ Djokovic NOVAK
All grown up MATURE
Analgesic target ACHE
Analgesic target PAIN
Annapolis sch. USNA
Being, in Burgundy ETRE
Big name in skin care OLAY
Bitter brew ALE
Bolted RAN
Brand with a car horn heard in its ads AAMCO
Brought together WED
Cactus with buttons PEYOTE
Cancun cat GATO
Cheer competition ALL
Collection whose last story is 'The Evitable Conflict' IROBOT
Component of some economic sanctions EMBARGO
Concerning ASFOR
Confessional rock genre EMO
Darling PET
Destinations for EMTs ERS
Development sites UTERI
Dovetail feature TENON
Drops the ball ERRS
Dupes in some in-boxes CCS
Emotionally strained TAUT
Energetic tempo ALLEGRO
Equivocal answer EVASION
Eve's opposite MORN
Evidence TRACES
Exams for srs. SATS
Exhibit astonishment GAPE
Extra mins. in games OTS
Fall guy STOOGE
Familiar maxim OLDSAW
Familiar name of the Comte de la Fere ATHOS
Famously secure airline ELAL
Feminine suffix ESS
Film in which Elvis sings 'Rock-a-Hula Baby' BLUEHAWAII
First Holy Roman emperor OTTOI
Fluffy wraps BOAS
Frat letters NUS
Fundraiser's target ALUMNUS
Game box fill PIECES
General ___ chicken TSOS
Gets going STARTS
Groups of alley cats? LEAGUES
Groups of stars ALISTS
He's 'a part of the band' in 'Monster Mash' DRAC
He's buried in his namesake museum in Catalonia DALI
Head lock TRESS
Himalayan guide SHERPA
Hot hanging PINUP
Hotel freebie ICE
Irrefutable evidence SMOKINGGUN
Clues Answers
Jackson and Schembechler BOS
Kind of trust UNIT
Kvetch MOAN
LAX guess ETA
Legend producer ACURA
Like galleys OARED
Lionhearted VALIANT
Long ride LIMO
Loud quarrel ROW
Magical mark RUNE
Mantle, for one CAPE
Many an IM user AOLER
Mao's successor DENG
Mata ___ HARI
Memoirs of a film noir director? ARTOFDARKNESS
Memoirs of a harbor master? PORTNOISECOMPLAINT
Memoirs of a hockey legend (with 'The')? LORDOFTHERINKS
Memoirs of a relaxed fly fisherman? ASILAYTYING
Memoirs of a sadistic cleaning lady? GRIMEANDPUNISHMENT
Memoirs of a sponging farm worker (with 'The')? CADGERINTHERYE
Memoirs of an angry French chef (with 'The')? CREPESOFWRATH
Middle of a famous palindrome IEREI
Milhouse's pal BART
Miyoshi of 'Flower Drum Song' UMEKI
Mole, for one SAUCE
Monument Valley sights MESAS
More nimble SPRIER
Mozart's 'Cosi fan ___' TUTTE
Newspaper of record since 1944 LEMONDE
Not c.o.d. PPD
Not too bright DENSE
Object AIM
Original: Prefix PROTO
Peabo's 'Beauty and the Beast' duettist CELINE
Peacock tail feature EYE
Penitent person ATONER
Pick of the populace ELITE
Place in water ISLE
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Polished off ATE
Republic of Venice coin DUCAT
Roman I EGO
Room for receiving PARLOR
Serengeti grazer GNU
Set aside WAIVE
Set upon COMEAT
Sign lights NEONS
Some jazz ensembles OCTETS
Some radios FMS
Son of Noah SHEM
Starch from a palm SAGO
Store houses? MALLS
Sullen sort MOPER
Summation RECAP
Supine protest LIEIN
Take flight LAM
Taoism founder LAOTSE
Tarot deck suit SWORDS
The Ponderosa, e.g. SPREAD
They can be frozen ASSETS
Title character of 'The Count of Monte Cristo' DANTES
Two-time role for Angelina LARA
Victor at Chancellorsville LEE
Where Tara Lipinski won gold NAGANO
White cliffs locale DOVER
___ judicata RES