Universal - Nov 1 2023

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Clues Answers
"Choose the most relatable part of this picture" (... letters 2-5) TAGYOURSELF
"Hey! That hurts!" OWOW
"Imagine that!" GEE
"Live ___" (Taco Bell slogan) MAS
"Pick someone else!" NOTIT
"Spider-___: Across the Spider-Verse" MAN
"This is fine" ITLLDO
"Tried and failed" NOLUCK
"___ dokie!" OKIE
100% ALL
1979 sci-fi horror film ALIEN
A third of 58-Down UNI
Almost-perfect score NINE
Apple pie ___ mode ALA
Apt rhyme for "blob" GLOB
Biome in parts of Alaska TAIGA
Bird known for dancing CRANE
Bird symbolizing rebirth PHOENIX
Chinese philosophy TAOISM
Clever people WITS
Crosses (out) XES
Declare firmly AVOW
DJ and producer Steve AOKI
Eight presidents' home state OHIO
Go into hiding HOLEUP
Gym playlist, or a theme hint WORKOUTMIX
Image in a text EMOJI
IRA variety ROTH
Jabs with a finger POKES
Like units of volume CUBIC
Likely to wear a beret, say ARTY
Lorde's birth name ELLA
Mac-based video editor IMOVIE
Magnetic appeal ALLURE
Maybelline's Great Lash, for one MASCARA
Mrs., in Munich FRAU
One may call underwear "pants" BRIT
One of the Claremont Colleges POMONA
Clues Answers
Pearl Harbor's island OAHU
Pen filler INK
Persuade forcefully COERCE
Piece to practice ETUDE
Practice sustainability REUSE
Prefix for -metry and -graphy GEO
Puerto ___ RICO
Remove the rind from PARE
Ridiculous comedy FARCE
Rubbed the wrong way? CHAFED
Safety system in a GM car ONSTAR
Shade darker than aqua TEAL
Short read? MAG
Small Tide product POD
Song at an opera house ARIA
Spa wear ROBE
Span of service TERM
Spiel (In this answer, unscramble letters 2-8) SALESPITCH
Start bubbling, say (... letters 4-8) COMETOABOIL
State where San Jacinto Day is celebrated, briefly TEX
Stone in a tiara JEWEL
Stylish CHIC
Surfing, in a way ONLINE
Take back, as a statement RECANT
Tear RIP
Tedious task SLOG
Three: Prefix TRI
Totally exhaust DOIN
Tree whose leaf symbolizes Canada MAPLE
Tropical smoothie fruit MANGO
Tropical soup root TARO
Twists in a hose KINKS
Voluminous volume TOME
Wave's top CREST
Winter house material? (... letters 6-10) GINGERBREAD
Zero, in soccer NIL
___ conditioner AIR