Family Time - Oct 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"Halloween happens ___ a year" ONCE
"I want to put on my Mirabel costume ___!" NOW
"That happened a long time ___" AGO
A cyclops's single peeper EYE
Abbr. for various stuff MISC
Baking chamber OVEN
Barge ___ (interrupt)(2 words) INON
Big horn TUBA
Big name in pineapples DOLE
Closing musical passage CODA
Common seasoning SALT
Cost to fly or ride FARE
Defeated BEAT
Dove's soft sound COO
Dusk, poetically EVENTIDE
Ear part LOBE
Eel with sharp teeth MORAY
Features of '50s drugstore counters (2 words) SODAFOUNTAINS
Gardening device HOE
Had a bunch of candy corn ATE
Happening every two years BIENNIAL
Inquire ASK
It can eat metal ACID
Large coffee pot URN
Leaflike flower part BRACT
Legal profession LAW
Lego's The Haunted Mansion set, e.g TOY
Length x width AREA
Lion's sound ROAR
Clues Answers
Onion relative LEEK
Out of whack AWRY
Part of a beet or radish ROOT
Pastor, for short REV
Place for Genesis (2 words) OLDTESTAMENT
Polynesian dance HULA
Positive charge ION
Pronoun for us OUR
Remnant from a fire ASH
Roman wraparound TOGA
Say out loud UTTER
Senior's junior SON
Settled down on a tree branch ALIT
Snow creature of legend YETI
Soothing succulent plant ALOE
Squeezing snake BOA
Stat for all pitchers ERA
Suffix for "accept" or "enjoy" ABLE
Super ___ Bros SMASH
Tape measure or saw TOOL
Thirty-___ (number in Halloween's space on a calendar) ONE
Traditional wisdom LORE
Trail through the woods PATH
Type of test ORAL
Unit of local government in a county TOWNSHIP
Villainous look LEER
Wading bird IBIS
Wander aimlessly ROVE
What a wedding or graduation is CEREMONY
Whole slew SCAD
Wrestle on this MAT