The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 90 - Oct 15 2023

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Clues Answers
Account about king, exclusive figure in Bible ISRAELITE
Angry, accepting running clubs train here in London? CHARINGCROSS
At least a dozen beers, or nine softly placed in bags? SIXPACKS
Be nosy, say, when eating a brownie, oddly EARWIG
Bread sandwiches dry, I rudely interject BUTTIN
Caspian, say, penning letter in ink SEPIA
Celebration after move wins game -- our fans out behind rugby goal? HOUSEWARMING
Colour used with green design again REDRAW
Contents of gravy tin -- solid food RAVIOLI
Criminal record admitted by rotter before appeal CULPRIT
Depiction of Mary's pastry case for tea PIETA
Foremost of gymnasts, this person's showing flexibility GIVE
French pianist concluding finale from Rolling Stones GRAVEL
Funny Liberal turns up in toupee, one maybe barking? WILDDOG
Game bird that's caught was sour when cooked CURASSOW
Clues Answers
Get rancid, tiny amount of bread and vegetable TURNIP
In a rage, nearly have hallucinations SEETHING
In the US, exhaust detective with exercise on track TAILPIPE
Japanese teacher is seen after doing some translation SENSEI
Left great party in Belfast in incapacitated state LAIDUP
Long to get Oscar for dramatic entertainment PANTO
Painting implement for car ROLLER
Radio programme wanting small group of stars THEARCHER
Report what loaded firearm has BULLETIN
Run out after batting? I might do this with the Ashes INURN
Scrap with Rear Admiral, turning round ANNULAR
Short path followed by someone moving stock car LANDROVER
Soldiers trounced and sent elsewhere REROUTED
Threats to wolves circling pack STOW
What fishermen do about onset of legal contract complaint CATCHCOLD