Universal - Oct 27 2023

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Clues Answers
"Aladdin" or "Othello" character IAGO
"Dexter" channel, for short SHO
"My bad!" OOPS
"Shoot!" ASK
"Your" of yore THY
*End a relationship CALLITQUITS
*Hotel amenity for a wedding party BRIDALSUITE
*Saying under a senior's headshot YEARBOOKQUOTE
8 on the Beaufort scale GALE
Amiss, or a hint to the ends of the starred clues' answers NOTQUITERIGHT
As we speak NOW
Ball girl? BELLE
Bard's "before" ERE
Big name in root beer BARQS
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
Card worth one point in gin rummy ACE
Chaired LED
Chip that may top chili FRITO
Connery portrayed in "Celebrity Jeopardy!" on "SNL" SEAN
Differ VARY
Dutch Caribbean island ARUBA
DVR button REC
Enjoy a bit of a sea breeze? SIP
Envelope-pushing EDGY
Flash in the ___ PAN
Friendly introduction? ECO
From the top ANEW
Go against, as expectations DEFY
Highly systematic Regimented
Home of Petra and Angkor Wat ASIA
Hundred Acre Wood marsupial ROO
Ice cream holder CUP
In dribs and ___ DRABS
Jeans brand LEE
Leaps on the ice AXELS
Letters between two names AKA
Like clothing that's for everyone UNISEX
Clues Answers
Like faces around a campfire UPLIT
Majestic REGAL
Manual reader USER
Name hidden in "salsa dancer" ADA
No amateur PRO
Opposite of transparent OPAQUE
Org. concerned with baggage TSA
Perform better than OUTDO
Read digitally SCAN
Red Bordeaux wine CLARET
Related to words VERBAL
Rosemary, for one HERB
Rowdy crowd MOB
Save, as items that spark joy KEEP
Scotch product TAPE
Second person? EVE
Shellfish in a po'boy, perhaps OYSTER
Singer Nick of 98 Degrees LACHEY
Sledding spot HILL
Slugger's stat RBI
Small quarrel SPAT
Social influence CLOUT
Stab in the back BETRAY
Stand on three legs? EASEL
State where the Jazz play UTAH
Steak specification RARE
Stink to high heaven REEK
Stop working RETIRE
Street-lining trees ELMS
Strongly opposed (to) AVERSE
Tacks on ADDS
There from the start INBUILT
TWA competitor USAIR
Untidy people SLOBS
Voice above tenor ALTO
Wetlands wader IBIS
Wood finish LACQUER
___ de gallo PICO
___ leches cake TRES