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Clues Answers
"Battle Cry" actor — Ray ALDO
"Blue Suede Shoes" singer ELVIS
"Excuse me" AHEM
"Gee, I would never do that!" GOSHNO
"I do so suffer!" OHWOEISME
"Kapow!" BLAM
"Li'l ol' me?!" MOI
"Lily White" novelist Susan ISAACS
"So that's it!" OHO
"So that's it" ISEE
"The Hunger Games" star, in tabloids JLAW
"The Power of the Dog" co-star Kodi — -McPhee SMIT
"— asking?" WHOS
"— you in?" ARE
1/24 of a day, in French HEURE
2,100, to Caesar MMC
Abbr. for those with only one given name NMI
Acquire ATTAIN
Adele's vocal range ALTO
Advice for Fonda when she has a grievance? COMPLAINJANE
Aliens' ship UFO
Apt., e.g RES
Astronauts' advisory group? SPACECOMMISSION
Award for "Nomadland" OSCAR
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Big Apple mail abbr NYNY
Big cheese NABOB
Big GOP get-together RNC
Blows gently WAFTS
Bog grasses REEDS
Candied nut given to a kid to quell a tantrum? HISSYCOMFIT
Channel that televises hearings CSPAN
Clean a spill on the floor MOPUP
Colo.-to-Ga. direction ESE
Common brown rodent SEWERRAT
Communal SOCIAL
Computer support whiz ITPRO
Correct RIGHT
D.C.'s land USA
DEA agent NARC
Decay of a plant's stalk STEMROT
Della of song REESE
Dot in la mer ILE
Dracula creator Bram STOKER
Elevator company OTIS
Enzyme in fat breakdown LIPASE
Fighting between Dracula and Lestat? VAMPIRECOMBAT
Finds a new purpose for REUSES
Fling TOSS
For the time being PROTEM
From Havana, e.g CUBAN
Give praise to sellers of stolen goods? COMMENDFENCES
Give solace to actor Mike? COMFORTMYERS
Great benefit BOON
Hint-giving columnist HELOISE
In — of (replacing) LIEU
Industrial city in southern Poland CRACOW
Is scornful of DERIDES
Isn't truthful with LIESTO
It splits light PRISM
It's on either side of a weather front AIRMASS
Jean of Dada ARP
Jet to JFK, once SST
Land of Lima and llamas PERU
Like some pain-causing toenails INGROWN
Like the horse favored to win ODDSON
List details ITEMS
Lot division ACRE
Ltr. encloser ENV
Clues Answers
Mag. edition ISS
Maligned in print LIBELED
Mark for life SCAR
Meadow LEA
Mets' div NLE
NHL great Bobby ORR
Noting the differences between cutting utensils? COMPARINGKNIVES
Nuclear trial, in brief ATEST
Oak nut ACORN
Ocean trip CRUISE
Old Persians MEDES
Oolong and Darjeeling TEAS
Optimal nutrient amt RDA
Orch. section for timpani, triangles, etc PERC
Pal of Tigger POOH
Part of YMCA: Abbr ASSOC
Partner of neither NOR
Perez of film ROSIE
Philosopher with a "razor" OCCAM
Plaits of hair TRESSES
Plant firmly EMBED
Platform for iDevices IOS
Pork product HAM
Portend BODE
Present, as the whole group ALLHERE
Price to play ANTE
Puts into operation ACTUATES
Quark locale ATOM
Regarding INRE
Respectful tributes HOMAGES
Ripped into TOREAT
RSVP card encls SASES
Rustic denials NAWS
Saudi export OIL
Say again ECHO
Single-named plus-size model EMME
Slalom, say SKI
Sleeve ends CUFFS
Slimy shore deposit in some spa treatments SEAMUD
Small car manufactured in Poland's capital? WARSAWCOMPACT
Spanish for "bear" OSO
Spongy ball NERF
Suave, glib sort SMOOTHY
Suffix with 6-Down ISM
Suffix with hero or opal INE
Suffix with kitchen ETTE
Supply with new weapons REARM
Takes it easy RESTS
Tall birds EMUS
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
Teeny-tiny ITTY
Tempo PACE
Thick soup POTAGE
Twice tetra- OCTA
Units of gold purity KARATS
Vacation travel, often TOURISM
Vodka brand, familiarly STOLI
Watermelon waste RIND
Watermelon waste SEEDS
Way to travel ROUTE
Win the contest? COMPETEBEST
Window part SASH
Without remuneration UNPAID
Work to get EARN
Zest or Dial SOAP
— Grande RIO
— Work ("Down Under" band) MENAT